009 Andrew Darlow: Protect Your Data & Streamline Your Processes

Jul 23, 2019

Managing and protecting your precious your files, using your time wisely when editing, and staying organized is an important part of being profitable as a photographer. If your photographs disappear or become corrupted, there is potential for huge financial losses. Andrew is an expert in this area and has taught thousands of photographers his system for staying safe and streamline at the same time.

In this episode, Luci and Andrew discuss:

  • Should photographers use a RAID storage system and what are some alternatives?
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Units (Battery Backups).  Why you might want to install one or more in your home or studio, and when you don’t really need them.
  • What to do to protect your computers and data drives during electrical storms.
  • Docks and hubs, and an important thing to consider when using them.
  • Why Apple’s Time Machine can be a lifesaver for your data. Windows has a similar option that comes with Windows 10 and some earlier Windows OS versions called File History, and a popular 3rd party application called “Genie Timeline” can also be used.
  • A simple system for “syncing” your data from one location to another. Andrew recommends Get Backup Pro (belightsoft.com/products/getbackup).
  • Online backup systems and specific things to consider when choosing one. Andrew recommends BackBlaze.com and Crashplan.com.
  • How to manage your smartphone photos and videos.
  • Tips for optimizing your computer’s performance and reducing the chances of losing data.
  • What to do if your external drive does not mount.
  • Media card management: Should you delete photos on your camera?
  • A simple backup strategy to help avoid losing the photos and videos on your media cards.
  • A printing tip to speed up your output without sacrificing quality.

“Success in my mind is being able to do what you would like to do, with whom you would like to do it, when you’d like to do it, and also be a good citizen while you do it.” — Andrew Darlow

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