008 Jennie Edwards: The Circle of Friends

Networking can be fun and profitable with vendors in your niche

Jennie Edwards is a photographer and videographer who helps entrepreneurs create and share their message online to make a bigger impact in the world. She teaches how to show up confidently and vulnerably, in alignment with their branding and values.

Over the last 12 years, Jennie has run a successful business of empowering her clients to grow their audience, connect authentically, and gain greater clarity of their goals and vision through their video and photographs. She is offering a guided audio recording Design Your Optimal Day to get clarity on and manefest your goals and dreams at http://www.yourdynamicstory.com/optimalday.

In this episode, Luci and Jennie discuss:

  • A networking strategy to create endless referrals for your photography business.
  • Building relationships through self-talk and expanding your comfort zone.
  • How selflessly serving others leads to joy and opportunities.
  • At bridal shows, an open booth that allows potential clients to come into your domain is a subtle way of becoming a trusted advisor.
  • There’s a kind of force that’s grateful when you give to others that open channels for prosperity, profitability, and abundance.
  • The abundance of love that you share with your family and friends, the contribution that you give back to your community, in turn, helps to create more change in the world like positivity and joy.

“Circle of Friends is a group of all different types of our favorite wedding vendors who gather monthly to share ideas, have a mastermind session and get to know one another on a deeper level so we can collaborate and ultimately work together more often .” – Jennie Edwards

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