230: Luci Dumas – Money Talk for Photographers

230: Luci Dumas – Money Talk for Photographers

In this episode of The Profitable Photographer, I am sharing some thoughts and strategies around money. Not the inner game or blocks or prosperity issues but some of the nuts and bolts about being in business. 

You can listen on all the podcast platforms as well as my other 229 episodes or kick back and watch on the “You Tubes”. www.lucidumascoaching.com is a great place to check out what I am up to and offer.

Some of my tips include

1. Cash and income you might need to get started

2. How to set up 3 accounts in your business to help you stay profitable and not get caught cash poor at tax time

3. My perspective on paying for or sharing household responsibilities out of the family budget

Thanks in advance for following me here and podcast platforms.

Hugs! Luci

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229: Jai Long – The Art of Selling Art and Photography

229: Jai Long – The Art of Selling Art and Photography

It’s safe to say that today’s guest is just as passionate about sales as I am. And, he is no stranger to the photography industry. Jai Long is an award-winning wedding photographer, creative business coach, host of the “Make Your Break” Podcast, serial entrepreneur, and the leader of a heart-filled, worldwide community of photographers. He even has his own course, Six Figure Business Map, where he helps photographers set and achieve “unrealistic” goals and overcome self-limiting beliefs. That was not a typo…he did say unrealistic and be sure to listen for his explanation.

Even though sales can have a negative connotation, Jay is clear that selling is an art and a gift to clients.. He shares with us that his perspective came from how he was raised. He knew, even as a child, that the only way to grow out of his existing circumstances was by selling. And, the older he got, the bigger his sales became. 

Listen in as Jay and I discuss: 

-The fear of rejection and success in regards to selling

-The need for courage to step out of your comfort zone

-3 must-haves for good sales

-How selling is a service.

To help you grow more confident in your own sales, you can even download a free copy of Jai’s Scripts for Sales Objections on his website, jailong.co.

Interested in learning more from Jai? Here’s where you can connect with him: 

Podcast: Make Your Break

Website: jailong.co

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jailong.co

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228: Luci Shares the Secrets to Getting Hot Leads from Business Partners

228: Luci Shares the Secrets to Getting Hot Leads from Business Partners

Welcome to The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas. Today’s solo episode is about how to network like a Rock Star. How to build relationships that lead to support of both of your businesses.

The core principle is to build relationships, leading with generosity and offering support first. Getting to know the person and the business. Find ways to refer them, promote them, learn what makes them wonderful and connect.

Many people jump too fast…”too much too soon”. Asking for someone to support your business before they know what you do and how it can support them rarely succeeds. 

In this teaching, I share tips to help you build relationships in a way that doesn’t seem pushy and creates loyal professional friends. I cover…

1- The importance of being a “stocker” on their social media

2- How to get a warm connection. Lead with positivity about their business

3- Have a reason to connect that serves them first

4- Get together and see if you have a good connection

5- Why referring them and helping their business is a priority

In other words…create a real relationship, support them, ask for support that is a win for you and them. Once you make a good connection, there are lots of ways for them to introduce you to their best clients and help you get lots and lots of warm, wonderful leads.

Get in touch at lucidumascoaching.com

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227: Colby McLemore – Food Photography for Fun and Profit

227: Colby McLemore – Food Photography for Fun and Profit

Welcome back to another delicious episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast. Today’s guest has been on the show before. He is a true visual storyteller, the owner of Colby’s Photos and Video, located near Knoxville in the Smoky Mountains, and has become a very dear friend. Please welcome back, Colby McLemore! 

With a full-time commitment to photography and videography for companies and individuals, Colby has earned a reputation for his caring, fun, and easy-going demeanor, all while maintaining the utmost professionalism. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail, creativity that’s as clean and fresh as the mountain air, and a unique ability to follow up, follow through, and give each project his all. 

Believe it or not, in all of the 200 episodes of The Profitable Photographer Podcast, I’ve only chatted with one other food photographer. That changes this week as Colby shares anything and everything related to food photography with us. Colby and I always have a great conversation, but I especially enjoyed today’s chat and learning from one of the best about this unique niche of photography. 

Listen in as we discuss: 

-how understanding your client’s needs is the cornerstone of success

-the importance of meeting deadlines in commercial photography

-the versatility and nuances of food photography

-the art of using light to create texture in food photography

-the things to consider before delivering RAW or JPEG images

Interested in learning more from Colby? Here’s where you can connect with him: 

His website: www.colbysphotosvideos.com.

By email: colby@colbysphotosvideos.com

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colbysphotovideo

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/colbysphotosvideos/

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226: LARRY HERSBERGER – Magical Christmas Portraits for Fun and Big Profits

226: LARRY HERSBERGER – Magical Christmas Portraits for Fun and Big Profits

Today I am sharing a timely episode about high end, story telling Christmas photo. I sat down with the amazing Larry Hersberger, an internationally-acclaimed and licensed artist, storyteller, writer, designer and master photographer. He is globally known for his innovation of Magical Santa Photography, Magical Snowman, Vintage Baseball and Fine Art Classical portraiture.

Listen in as Larry discusses his foray into photography in the 90s and what motivated his decision to veer away from the art’s typical focus in America at the time on “canvas, curtains, carpet, and old chairs.” From this, Larry offers his first important lesson for any aspiring or budding photographer: Develop your personal brand as an artist.

The yuletide maestro then discusses his unique and inimitable approach to Magical Santa photography, noting that he isn’t just the photographer, but the director as well. And as a director he explains, crucially, that the bulk of his communication is actually with the child rather than Santa himself.

He goes on to dissect the business of art and how photographers of all stripes, even those relatively early in their career without a studio, can succeed in this space. He makes the case that any professional can make a quarter of a million dollars with just 50 clients, positioning oneself as a trusted advisor with each and every single one.

Key Topics:

• Developing your personal brand as a photographer (9:36)

• Why Larry’s approach to Magical Santa Photography is so innovative (19:50)

• Defining “painting” and the business of art (29:40)

• Telling stories through your art with your best customer in mind (37:00)

• His advice to newer photographers without a studio of their own (46:50)

• His tried-and-tested three-part sales process (52:16)

• Why he changed his mind on newborn photography (1:03:47)

• His parting words of advice, and how to attract your ideal clients (1:09:59)

• Luci’s wrap up (1:18:25)


Get in touch with Larry Hersberger:


Art of Magic & Light® on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofmagicandlight

Get $200 OFF Larry’s new Magical Snowman Course. Use Code LUCI at checkout.

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