161: Ibarionex Perello – Street Photography and the Power of Light

“You want people coming to you because they like the way you see… You have to find a way of seeing and working that is uniquely you. And that’s what you market.”

This week Master Photographer Luci Dumas is joined by street photography extraordinaire and lighting expert Ibarionex Perello! 

161: Ibarionex Perello - Street Photography and the Power of Light

Ibarionex is a Photographer, Writer, Educator and Host of The Candid Frame Photography Podcast. A creative powerhouse!

With over 25 years of experience in the photographic industry, he has gifted this world with six, count em, SIX BOOKS including Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography Using Available Light.

Having served as an adjunct professor at the Art Center College of Design we are incredibly lucky to have Ibarionex here to educate us on the DOs and DON’Ts of lighting and other photography business tips. 

After listening to this episode you will be exploding with knowledge on:

  • Being a light treasure-hunter in natural settings
  • Noticing shadows, quality, direction, and contrast
  • And leaning into your flexibility and curiosity to make original discoveries

Listen now! 

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160: Jerry Ghionis – Master of Light, Creativity, and Inspiration

“What is the truth?…Just by changing the perspective, angle, choice, and compression…the way you crop, you will tell a different truth.” 

160: Jerry Ghionis - Master of Light, Creativity, and Inspiration


Today we have THE ICONIC, world-renowned, one of the best in the biz, Jerry Ghionis!

Widely regarded as one of the top five wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis’ theatrical and iconic images have redefined modern wedding photography. He is a proud Nikon ambassador and was the first Australian named in Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo magazine. In 2011, Jerry was also named by PDN magazine as one of the top photography workshop instructors in the world. IS THAT IT?! Wow wow WOW. 

Listen as Jerry blows my mind with topics like:

  • How our photography changes “the truth”
  • Having fun with lighting 
  • The importance of reinventing yourself
  • Creating a routine in your photography business
  • Process > Results always always always

There is so much to be learned in this gold-mine of an episode and I’m so grateful to Jerry for letting me pick his brain for an hour. What a treat. 

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Remember that rep, practice

Process, not the results

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