053: Sean Brown-Overcome Fear to Pursue Your Dreams

This week, Luci speaks with Sean Brown, a high school senior photographer who never thought he would be a photographer. After going to college with the intention of becoming a cardiologist, Sean decided to take a leap and pursue his dreams of working in photography, and he hasn’t looked back. To date, Sean has been named as one of the Top 100 High School Senior Photographers in the nation by Senior Style Guide Magazine and has been asked to speak at conferences around the country about his business endeavors.

In this episode, Sean shares how to overcome fears and pursue your dreams all while becoming successful in your new industry.

Topics Include:

-How to leave the safety of your stable job to pursue a more fulfilling career in photography

-Key tips on how to raise your prices as your experience in photography grows

-Why specializing in a particular market will help you to grow faster and become well known

-The importance of branding and how to introduce yourself to your brand

-How to break into the senior photography market

-What current high school seniors are looking for in a photography session

-The power of social media and how to use it to grow your business organically

-Why betting on yourself to win is the best thing you can do for yourself and your customers

Thanks to Sean, Luci’s listeners can receive a “How to Grow Your Business” starter kit where you can learn how start the photography business you’ve always dreamed of owning:


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