181: Hunter Lowder – Avoiding Burn Out and “Firing Up” Our Photographic Goals

181: Hunter Lowder – Avoiding Burn Out and “Firing Up” Our Photographic Goals

Woooah! Slow down there, Nelly. This episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast is all about avoiding burnout! 

We’ve got special guest Hunter Lowder here to share her expertise on avoiding and healing from burnout. Trust me, photography business owners are no strangers to this topic! 

Hunter is co-owner of Tortoise & The Bear, a business strategy, operations, and mindset coaching company that supports visionaries in bringing their wild and crazy dreams to life. Coupling her past business experience as CEO of a multi-million dollar company with mindful coaching approaches, Hunter helps service-based business owners create and prioritize a strategic plan to grow their impact and move their business forward in a sustainable way.

181: Hunter Lowder - Avoiding Burn Out and "Firing Up" Our Photographic Goals

After suffering severe burnout as a CEO, Hunter is passionate about building a business in alignment with her values.

“Burnout is not afraid of playing the long game. To prevent burnout, we need to play a long game, too.” ― Sally Clarke

You’ve probably been there, you’re a visionary and you have big plans for your business…BUT NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY! You find yourself overworking to make your business grow. You’re exhausted, yet not sleeping. More emotional than usual, maybe overeating or leaning on alcohol. It feels like you are spinning and your business is out of control. 

Hunter says it’s important to come back to ourselves and our bodies by:

  1. Journal and meditate
  2. Let your values guide you
  3. Ask for help

And, hey, if burnout has got you down, it’s not the end of the world!

Here are some tips for recovery:

  1. Get to know yourself through personality assessments to better understand what led to this moment.
  2. Let go of the “shoulds”
  3. Celebrate! 

Like Hunter says, there are no rules and “shoulds” when it comes to developing your business. So let that pressure go and move forward with you in mind!

Take the first step to valuing your needs and listen now! 

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