165: Amy Pazur and Luci discuss – Being a Giver to Your Photography Clients and Receiving Much More

“I would love people to value themselves. Not just in terms of charging enough for what they do, but to also have that reciprocal relationship with people. You’ll go far with those two things.”

Babies of the world cry out with joy, award-winning Newborn & Milestone Photographer Amy Pazur is with us on The Profitable Photographer Podcast today! She’s sharing her philosophy on the payoff of a rich client relationship.

If you were to step into a session with Amy, you would be MORE THAN TAKEN CARE OF. Amy has a very gentle touch and she ensures her clients and their babies have everything they need. Girl’s even taking snack requests! Say no more!

Amy believes that two of the most important prongs of your photography business are: client care + self care. Going above and beyond for your client creates trust and comfort (which usually equals more sales in the long run!). And taking care of yourself helps you show up to your business with full energy and enthusiasm! Now that’s a cycle I can get behind.

What does self-care look like to Amy: 

  • Pricing your services the way you deserve
  • Taking on personal projects that fill your creative cup 
  • Niching down to what you really love to do

So brew a nice cup of tea, put up your feet, and indulge in some self-care while you listen to this episode on self-care and client relationships. 

You can get in touch with Amy at:

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164: Jason Marino = Photographer’s Journey with ADHD plus Transitioning from Weddings to Portraits

“If anyone is like me and has dealt with ADHD for a long time and just can’t seem to figure it out. I really encourage people to get the help you need and watch your life change.”

On this episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast, I have guest Jason Marino sharing his ideas about creating an incredible client experience, and how he transitioned from weddings to portraits.. He also opens up about his challenge in life and in his photography business productivity: ADHD! 

164: Jason Marino = Photographer's Journey with ADHD plus Transitioning from Weddings to Portraits

Jason is known throughout the photo industry as a lighting, business and client experience expert. He and his wife JoAnne co-run a multi-brand photography company, Imagine Photography, in Arizona, just outside Sin City, Las Vegas. 

With a client roster spanning the globe and a bustling studio that has grossed well over a million dollars in recent years ( love to hear it!), Jason also keeps busy with regular appearances at notable conferences and educational summits.

In the midst of this, Jason has struggled with ADHD his whole life, but only recently opened up about it, finally seeking out the help that he needed. His life (AND PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS) is a million times better for it! 

Finally feeling focused, Jason and I chatted about: 

  • How treatment for ADHD changed his life and business
  • Best software for running your photography business
  • Creating a prominent brand in a small town
  • The “art of saying no”
  • And more!

Hearing how someone is wildly successful in this industry, while navigating the challenges

such as ADHD or any life issue is inspiring to say the least.

Connect with Jason at

@thejasonmarino on Instagram

And connect with his business at

@imaginephotoaz on Instagram

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163: Courtney Ranck-Copher – Why Selling Wall Art is a Gift to our Portrait Clients

“[When kids see portraits] on the wall they feel that they’re loved and like they have a place in the family.”

On this episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast, Master Photographer and Photography Business Coach, Luci Dumas is joined by award-winning photographer, Courtney Ranck-Copher!

163: Courtney Ranck-Copher - Why Selling Wall Art is a Gift to our Portrait Clients

Courtney is all about going above and beyond for client relationships.

She’s here to shift our perspective a bit: Don’t think of selling wall art as being “annoying sales-y.” Our photography is a gift to our clients! They need us just like we need them.

Courtney always wants anyone who comes in contact with her business to receive the best possible care, even if that means referring them to someone else. How’s that for client care? Right on.

Luci and Courtney chat all about:

  • How portraits show love
  • Going above and beyond to make important client relationships
  • How to plant the sales seed
  • Why charging too little can cause a bad experience for your clients
  • How and when to increase your prices

Listen now to get a taste of Courtney’s genuine client connections.

And connect with Courtney herself at:

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162: Luci Dumas- Photo Business Success Secrets for Bridal, Pet and Other Events

This weeks episode is “all Luci, all the time”…hahaha. That’s right, I am sharing all of my “dos and don’t” for participating in Expos, art shows, and other events where you can have a booth and attract your ideal clients, and make some great money from the contacts.

I share lots of details about…

162: Luci Dumas- Photo Business Success Secrets for Bridal, Pet and Other Events
  1. The best places to have a booth and which ones to avoid
  2. How to set up your photography booth in a way that feels friendly, inviting, and is clearly branded.
  3. How to use a show to grow your connections with vendor partners
  4. Exactly how to create an “Enter To Win” opportunity and land the ideal clients that invest thousands in additional portraits.

And hey, don’t forget to join my private group and post comments or questions about every episode. Hope you enjoy this very detailed episode with specific action steps that can make a booth a very successful marketing tool.

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