207: Luci Dumas – Honoring the History of Portraiture and Our Place in it as Photographers

This solo episode with me, Luci Dumas, was inspired by a visit to an art museum in Indianapolis. There was an exhibit called “Portraiture and Identity”, celebrating the history of portraiture since the beginning of time. 

I was moved to tears realizing that my/our profession has been a part of something so big and valuable. So important both in history, art, and to people personally.

I felt so much pride being a part of this legacy!

I felt humble knowing I was following in the footsteps of the world’s greatest painters, photographers, and sculptors!

And I felt so grateful to have been creating photographic art of people for over 41 years, as well as teaching and mentoring others in this profession, and producing objects that are treasures for so many people!

During this one-way conversation (from me to you) I…

  1. explore the rich tradition of portrait artists throughout history and how contemporary portrait photographers continue to be an integral part of this legacy…how modern portrait photographers are heirs to this long-standing tradition and draw inspiration from the masters who came before them. 
  2. talk about 6 reasons why portraits are valuable 
  3. and attempt to convey and celebrate the medium and our place in it as photographers.

After recording this episode, I thought of about a zillion other things I might have mentioned on this topic because it is such a big subject. But my main goal is just to connect the dots from the first humans to create a likeness of a person to today, and how photographers are just as important as any portrait artist using a variety of mediums. And to celebrate our contributions to the world!

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206: Tony Corbell: Mastering Light to Increase Success (Encore By Request)

Back by popular demand…this replay of one of my earliest podcast interviews deserves to be shared again, in case you missed it or because it it time to listen again.

What a treat! My good friend Tony Corbell and I have a rich discussion about lighting, the importance of quality for the profitable photographer, and much more. He has photographed or taught photographic technical skills over 700 times in more than 20 countries and world capitals as well as in all fifty US states. In his more than 40 years in photography, he has photographed some of the most recognized faces including three US presidents, world leaders at the United Nations, fashion models, celebrities, NASA astronauts, and he has so much wisdom to share.

In this episode, Luci and Tony discuss:

Tony’s career journey from never owning a camera to now photographing prominent leaders and celebrities.

Tips and takeaways on light in photography.

The importance of having a light meter, even with all of the new technologies that we have today.

Key Takeaways:

Keep your notes clean and keep the trust of your clients. You may earn a couple bucks by selling the photos, but you won’t keep the trust of those you photograph.

Understanding how the size of your light source factors into each and every shoot you do is key.

People are always watching, make sure you look and act professional in all aspects during the entire photography session.

“The size of a light source is directly relative to its distance from the sun.” — Tony Corbell

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