191: Krista Marie – Overcoming Burnout as Photographers

191: Krista Marie – Overcoming Burnout as Photographers

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191 - Krista Marie - Overcoming Burnout as Photographers - Profitable Photographer Podcast with Luci Dumas

In this video, we take a deep dive into the dreaded Burn Out and ways to avoid or recover quickly with my amazing guest, Krista Marie.

Krista is a photographer, business coach and the host of “She Calls Her Shots” Podcast. She helps creatives ditch the overwhelm and create thriving businesses by focusing on the tactical strategies, habits, and mindset & confidence work that’s crucial to seeing long-term growth via social media, her blog & her Podcast.

You know you are in burnout if you have overbooked, working too much, lost your passion, feel resentment, and have self-doubt. Or lack of business not motivated because things aren’t working feels like burnout. Remember:

  1. It is inevitable. 
  2. It comes in seasons. Sometimes we need to step back for a while.
  3. Figure out our intentions if we feel called, stop and do nothing. 
  4. Find your triggers..release the pressure and timelines.
  5. There are no brownie points for overworking.

Marketing mistakes:

  1. Too many places, and not knowing who we are targeting
  2. Too many platforms and not enough activity
  3. Waiting around for opportunities to come to us
  4. Asking others for their advice…not knowing if they are successful
  5. Overcomplicating the process

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