154: Michael Mowbray – How to Enhance Your Photography with Off-Camera Flash

154: Michael Mowbray – How to Enhance Your Photography with Off-Camera Flash

Today, our hostess and Mastercraftsman Photographer Luci Dumas sits down with Michael Mowbray, master photographer, author, teacher, IPC juror and entrepreneur. He is deeply involved in all aspects of the photography industry.

His DeForest, Wisconsin-based studio focuses on seniors, headshots, family, and commercial photography, while his MoLight brand of lighting equipment has quickly become a leading reseller of Godox flashes and MoLight’s own unique lighting products.

Michael is the author of the popular photography books Shoot to Thrill and The Speedlight Studio (Amherst Media).

Michael Mowbray-How to Enhance Your Photography with Off-Camera Flash

Listen in as Michael discusses how he was able to thrive as a photographer and business owner amid the most uncertain of times, beginning with the establishment of his company on 9/11.

The photography biz ace also talks about the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven him from an early age, the importance of being capitalized, and how one can even tell whether or not owning a business is for them.

Finally, Michael speaks on the advantages of off-camera flash in improving the quality of natural light photography.

Key Topics:

  • Navigating turbulent economic times as a photography business owner (7:56)
  • Delegating tasks and knowing when to hire (13:33)
  • Michael’s thoughts on entrepreneurship (19:31)
  • Knowing whether or not entrepreneurship is for you (26:22)
  • Establishing your content pillars (29:41)
  • Why it’s important to be capitalized as an entrepreneur (35:09)
  • Justifying higher prices (40:17)
  • The advantages of off-camera flash (42:55)
  • How to ensure your photos don’t look “fake” when using off-camera flash (48:43)
  • How to use a light meter with off-camera flash (52:25)
  • How to get in touch with Michael (1:01:37)


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