252: Luci Dumas – Tips For Getting Natural Expressions from Kids

252: Luci Dumas – Tips For Getting Natural Expressions from Kids


Welcome to Luci Dumas’s podcast “The Profitable Photographer”. This is a solo episode helping you “say no to CHEESE smiles”. I dive deep into the art of getting authentic expression from your subjects, whether they’re children or adults. Say goodbye to forced grins and cheesy poses. I share tons of practical tips and tricks.

After 40 years as a children’s portrait specialist, I have tons of ways I put children at ease and get those all-important reactions that are the key to true portrait art.

In this episode,I help you capture genuine emotions that melt parent’s hearts and help you have bigger sales, not to mention more fun with the kids.

It is important to

1-Plan Ahead: Preparation is key. Anticipating the needs and preferences of your subjects can handle a lot of challenges before they start.

2—Know the stages of childhood: Understanding the age group you’re working with allows you to tailor your approach and connect with your subjects on a deeper level.

3-Get on their Level: Literally and figuratively. I explore the importance of physical positioning and empathetic communication to establish rapport.

4-Talk to Them: Have fun with them. Communication is key. Luci reveals the power of connection.

Unlocking Playfulness with Props and Activities -I also share my favorite props and activities that unleash real smiles. Some include storytelling, silly songs, words that get true reactions. I also share about

  • Tripods: why I find them so important
  • Ways to loosen up facial muscles and encourage natural expressions.
  • Toys Galore: From soft bunnies, the tickle monster, and dog toys, I share my favorites that spark joy and get kid’s attention

No matter how great your posing, lighting, locations or backgrounds, and props are…the key to successful photographs of children is to make them feel comfortable, engaged, and entertained so their true personalities shine through. Hope this episode helps you make what you do just a little bit better.

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251: Betsy Bird – Time Management for Super Busy Photographers

251: Betsy Bird – Time Management for Super Busy Photographers


Welcome to this week’s episode, where we’re joined by the delightful Betsy Bird from “Ride the Sky Equine Photography”! Betsy, a Certified Professional Photographer with PPA, brings her radiant energy and wealth of experience to the table, offering insights into mastering time management for busy photographers.

Horses have always been at the core of Betsy’s journey, stemming from her upbringing on a horse-boarding farm in Georgia. From riding to judging and to capturing their essence through her lens, her passion for equines shines through in her work. With a background in both photography and marketing, Betsy’s expertise extends beyond just capturing moments; she’s a whiz at branding, goal-setting, and running a profitable business.

Specializing in wall art portraits, Betsy’s photography isn’t just about images—it’s about turning moments into timeless memories. Join us as we delve into the world of time management with Betsy Bird, where passion meets proficiency, and every click of the shutter is an opportunity to craft something truly magical. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with the tools to make your photography journey not just successful, but truly joyful!

In this episode:

  • Pro tips for in-person sales
  • Strategies to set goals from long-term to short-term and grasp the bigger picture
  • Techniques for working smarter, not harder
  • Effective time management for busy schedules through automation
  • The significance of outsourcing
  • Embracing the importance of following your passion

So, let’s harness the power of time management and creativity together, and ride into a future filled with endless possibilities in the world of photography!

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250: Luci Dumas: Celebrating 250 Episodes

250: Luci Dumas: Celebrating 250 Episodes


Welcome, lovely listeners, to a special episode of LUCI! Can you believe it? We’ve reached a whopping 250 episodes! It’s time to kick back, relax, and celebrate the journey we’ve been on together.

Why Do I Keep Doing This?: Let’s dive into the heart of the matter. Why do I keep pouring my heart and soul into this podcast? Sure, it’s a labor of love, but there’s more to it than that. From making new friends to spreading joy across 97 countries (and counting!), the reasons are as diverse as the guests we’ve welcomed on the show.

Highlights and Insights: What have I learned along the way? Oh, where do I begin? From mastering model calls for steady profits to finding inspiration in tales of creativity, each episode has been a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. We’ve tackled everything from overcoming objections to manifesting dreams, all while sharing stories from industry superstars and rising stars alike.

Shoutouts and Gratitude: A massive thank you to every guest who has graced our virtual stage, from business geniuses to pet photographers, presidents of spas, and beyond. You’ve brought wisdom, laughter, and endless inspiration to our listeners around the globe. And to our loyal listeners, thank you for your unwavering support. You’re the reason we do what we do!

Looking Ahead: As we raise our glasses to 250 episodes of The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas, let’s not forget that the best is yet to come. We’ll keep exploring, learning, and laughing together, bringing you more of the content you love. So stay tuned, because the adventure is far from over!

Conclusion: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Here’s to the next 250 episodes and beyond! Keep shining bright, keep chasing your dreams, and above all, keep listening to LUCI!

Remember to subscribe, rate, and review – and until next time, keep spreading the light! 🎉✨

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249: Missy Thomas – Remembrance Photography to Bless and Comfort Others

249: Missy Thomas – Remembrance Photography to Bless and Comfort Others



Welcome to The Profitable Photographer! Today, we’re honored to have Missy Thomas, the Executive Director of “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS)” joining us. This is an organization that trains photographers and sends them to photograph babies and their families that have or will pass away shortly. Since 2015, Missy has dedicated herself to various roles within NILMDTS, driven by compassion and dedication, culminating in her current role as Interim Executive Director.

Missy’s personal connection to NILMDTS stems from the loss of James, the son of close friends, in 2014. Through this experience, she discovered the importance of remembrance photography, igniting her passion to support others on similar journeys.

This organization offers a compassionate service to parents loosing of a child, providing them with beautiful and sensitive professional portraiture as a tangible reminder of their little ones.

In this episode, we explore the essence of volunteering to photograph these precious souls, touching on technical skills, lighting techniques, and the delicate art of interacting with grieving families. We’ll also delve into the transformative power of giving back, emphasizing how it enriches both the giver and the recipient.

In this episode:

  • Introduction to NILMDTS and its compassionate team
  • Becoming a volunteer photographer 
  • Exploring photography techniques, like lighting, for capturing meaningful moments
  • The transformative impact of giving back on volunteers and recipients
  • Interacting with grieving families: finding balance
  • Emotional support available to photographers when the experience becomes emotionally difficult

Join us as we learn more about how we can serve people with our skills, where every click of the camera and every act of kindness holds profound meaning.

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248: Jerry Ghionis – Photographer’s Guide to Mastering Light, Creativity, and Inspiration

248: Jerry Ghionis – Photographer’s Guide to Mastering Light, Creativity, and Inspiration


“What is the truth?…Just by changing the perspective, angle, choice, and compression…the way you crop, you will tell a different truth.” 


Today we have THE ICONIC, world-renowned, one of the best in the biz, Jerry Ghionis!

Widely regarded as one of the top five wedding photographers in the world, Jerry Ghionis’ theatrical and iconic images have redefined modern wedding photography. He is a proud Nikon ambassador and was the first Australian named in Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo magazine. In 2011, Jerry was also named by PDN magazine as one of the top photography workshop instructors in the world. IS THAT IT?! Wow wow WOW. 

Listen as Jerry blows my mind with topics like:

  • How our photography changes “the truth”
  • Having fun with lighting 
  • The importance of reinventing yourself
  • Creating a routine in your photography business
  • Process > Results always always always

There is so much to be learned in this gold-mine of an episode and I’m so grateful to Jerry for letting me pick his brain for an hour. What a treat. 

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