148: Luci Dumas- Don’t Panic, Weather the Economic Storms with Ease in your Photography Biz

This solo episode is a look back at the last two years and strategies for riding out any economic storm that might happen in the future.

Luci asks some questions you might want to ponder like…
What has changed for you? And what is the same? Have you used this last two years to move forward in your business and in life?

She shares her own journey, and her perspective on what she sees in the photography industry. And discusses the current concerns about inflation, gas prices, and how it might effect our sales and business. Or how we can not let it impact us at all.

She covers some specific strategies to respond to people who might
bring up those things in conversations about investing well in your products….such as:

  1. Realizing sometimes it is a negotiating tactic.
  2. The reason to be either a Luxury / high dollar and low volume photographer.
  3. Knowing that some people may not be our ideal client
  4. Encouragement to be smart with your own money.
  5. How energy is everything and ways to up your “vibration” to attract what you want
  6. A reminder to invest in education…up your game.

All is well, don’t panic. Use your power of positivity to grow, be at peace, and serve your clients even better.

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