182: Jeff Dachowski – Up Your Photography Sales Plan

182: Jeff Dachowski – Up Your Photography Sales Plan

We are amping up our photography sales this week on The Profitable Photographer podcast.

Special guest Jeff Dachowki joins us to spill his secrets to big and meaningful sales.

Jeff Dachowski - Up Your Photography Sales Plan Luci Dumas Profitable Photographer Podcast

Jeff is an award-winning Master Craftsman Photographer. He owns a highly profitable studio with his lovely wife Carolle in New Hampshire which has been on its feet since 2003.

He is also the President of the Professional Photographers of America (or PPA for short), a PPA International Approved Juror, Certification Judge, and a Vatican Approved Photographer. Not only that, he is also a super fun and great human.

What’s Jeff’s number one tip to making big sales? SELL IN PERSON! 

It gives you a better opportunity to connect and collaborate with your clients. 

And always remember that you are valuable and worth it–You are the only place your clients can get what you offer.

Jeff also says to make sure to:

  1. Pick at least one impact piece to focus the conversation on
  2. Let your client know the importance of each piece
  3. Let the client add to their own shopping cart

Photographs are the most talked about piece of furniture in our homes. Your clients WANT to buy from you! 

Listen now!

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