177: Emily Supiot – Basic Building Blocks To Create Great Photographs

Calling all Mamas!

Our guest today on The Profitable Photographer Podcast is Emily Supiot and she is focused on educating moms on photography! She wants to make learning fun, simple, and accessible to anyone who wants to take great photos or create a photography business.

177: Emily Supiot - Basic Building Blocks To Create Great Photographs

Not only is Emily a Phoenix-based Portrait Photographer, but she’s also a Photography-Educator and Podcaster! As a mom of 4, Emily loves teaching other moms to take beautiful photos of their kids on her podcast at

Once you love those photos, you may want to start a side hustle or a full-blown business–Emily is here for that, too! She’s pairing all the steps down to the basics and says to start at the beginning (a very good place to start)! 

There is room for everyone at the photography table! You don’t have to have the fanciest camera to jump in! 

How is Emily keepin’ it simple?

  • Keeping technical terms out of photography
  • Slow down! Learn with intention.
  • Not everyone wants to learn photography for business
177: Emily Supiot - Basic Building Blocks To Create Great Photographs 2

So don’t skip any steps! Learn the basics with Emily and listen to this episode now!

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“I see creative people jumping right into the business side and then they wonder ‘why aren’t I finding clients?’ ‘why aren’t I making money?’ You’ve gotta take things back to the basic.” 

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176: Arthur Rainville – Creative Inspiration and Your “Why” for Photographers

Now to introduce someone very special to The Profitable Photographer! AND HE JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE COMING TO CALIFORNIA IN NOVEMBER!!  Check out the details for registering for his workshops at the bottom of these show notes!

Once upon a time, our host Luci spent a week with our guest at a time when she was lacking vision and motivation. It changed her life to see his passion for helping his students become more inspired, more creative, and more in love with life. 

When he lectures, there isn’t a dry eye in the house–THAT is how INSPIRATIONAL our guest, Arthur Levi Rainville, is to the photography community!

176: Arthur Rainville - Creative Inspiration and Your "Why" for Photographers

Arthur is an award-winning Master Photographer who has been creating stunning photographs wrapped in intrigue, atmosphere and romanticism for over 50 years. 

With his life’s work displayed in museums on three continents, he has been touted as, “the Poet Lauréate of Photography, one of the most sensitive artists of our time.” A true artiste. 

Aligning with our values of mentorship here at The Profitable Photographer, Arthur has taught portraiture professionally for 50 years, inspiring image-makers to look inward to “Art and Heart” as they face their blank canvas. And THAT is what he’s here to chat with us about today–how to look inward for inspiration!

Here’s just a taste of his tips on getting inspired:

  1. Make meaningful  and caring connections
  2. Get still
  3. Be in the moment
  5. Look out for his upcoming book KenZen – the Art of Reflective Creating


Register for his workshops here:

Nov. 8 in California’s Wine Country

Contact: Karna Roa 707-328-4905

Nov. 10 in Orange County

Contact: Duane Murphy 714-863-2126

If there is anything we learned from Arthur (and we learned a lot!) it’s that success in your business comes from a foundation of personal fulfillment. 

So grab your headphones and GET INSPIRED by this episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast!

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175: Nathan Holritz – Outsourcing Our Photography Editing

“If only there were more hours in a day…” Today’s guest, Nathan Holritz, is tellin’ ya how to get your valuable time back! 

The Profitable Photographer is so happy to have Nathan, a veteran Photographer turned Photo-editing Professional! 

Nathan has a true entrepreneurial mind: He’s constantly creating, looking for opportunities to expand, and collaborating with others. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nathan is the Founder and CEO at, and the Host of the Bokeh Podcast and the Noobie Podcast. 

But that’s not all! Nathan also teaches photographers about:

  • Brand Positioning 
  • Workflow 
  • Outsourcing 

When it comes to optimizing your photography business, Nathan says outsourcing is the way to go! Here are his tips on outsourcing your editing: 

  • Know what you want before you seek help
  • Communicate! Words aren’t enough. Show them your before and after. 
  • Give up control. (It’s hard, I know!)

When we have more time, we have more opportunity: 

  • to form deeper client relationships
  • to focus on the parts of our photography business we love most
  • or to not work at all!
175: Nathan Holritz - Outsourcing Our Photography Editing

So get your time back and listen now! 



Contact Nathan and let him know you heard this episode of The Profitable Photographer podcast! And don’t miss the Nov 2022 episode on his show where he interview me.

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174: Luci Dumas – Storytime and Discovering Your Path to Success

Hey listeners, this week I decided (on a suggestion from my editor) to tell some stories from my life that relate to my career choices, both as a photographer in business and a business/success coach and podcast hostess. 

From selling flowers to neighbors, babysitting, and writing a “Dear Luci” column for a newsletter, to hot tips on how to have an easier session with children, I am sharing some of my memories, and the clues that helped me choose a career path that was a natural fit for me.

Why? And how does this fit with the idea of being profitable?

I hope to:

  1. Inspire you to think about your own life stories to give you an understanding about your career choice and niche. 
  2. Entertain you and let you know a bit more about me. 
  3. And share some lessons I learned on my journey from a little girl having a yard sale to an entrepreneur that has had a great career for 40 years.

I would love to hear your stories…over coffee in San Diego, lunch in Nashville at the PPA Imaging Expo in January, or even a phone call or zoom meeting.


I want to coach you if you are ready to have a major shift in your photography business.

And I am offering 5 FREE “Business of Your Dreams” Strategy Session to people that reach out in Oct. Just email me


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173: Mark Weber from Marathon Press – Direct Mail Still Works

QUICK! Time is running out! 

Our guest, Mark Weber, is offering a FREE 16×20 BELLA ART PRINT if you email him before Nov 1, 2022. Who couldn’t use a free print?! And from such an awesome company as this!

173: Mark Weber from Marathon Press - Direct Mail Still Works

Mark is a long-time Master Photographer and Marketing Consultant with Marathon Press. Marathon Press not only offers high-quality, professional photography products, but they also specialize in marketing support which helps photographers gain control of their business and take it to a new level! 

And what sets them apart from the other guys? Customizations and customer service!

Mark also holds several Photographer of the Year titles and was recently presented with the PPA National Award, given for outstanding service to the photographic industry. Now that’s a guy you want on your side! 

For just a taste of what Mark’s got to offer, he’s sharing his marketing tips on reeling in those ideal clients:

  1. Use a mailing list of 500 names or more. You can even purchase a list if you want! 
  2. Create a free gifting opportunity.
  3. NOTHING CAN REPLACE 1-ON-1 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS! Jump into your community! 

So grab your notebook, get inspired, and listen to The Profitable Photographer Podcast now! 


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168: Emily Lee – Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Photographers and Creatives

Wowing with your Website! Today we are talking to Emily Lee about amping your website to the next level! 

Emily Jane Lee is the owner of the website design business “By Emily Jane”, where she specializes in creating custom Squarespace sites for wedding professionals and creative service providers.

With her former experience as a photographer, she fully understands how difficult it can be to create a website that actually helps you stand out and make money. That’s why Emily loves helping other creatives get more dream client inquiries by incorporating proven strategy and professional design into their websites.

168: Emily Lee - Mobile Friendly Website Design for Photographers and Creatives

(AKA: HAVING A PRETTY WEBSITE ISN’T ALL THERE IS TO IT! Listen as Emily shares her expertise on creating a site that isn’t just beautiful, it’s also user-friendly and performs well in Google search results.)

Emily finds it especially important to make sure your site is functioning well on mobile. According to Emily, over half of your website traffic is taking place on mobile (!!!) so it’s important not to dismiss this common blindspot.

Don’t fret, Emily is here to help! She’ll cover:

  • Why we must optimize our websites for mobile (and what that even means)
  • Top 5 mobile mistakes photographers make on their site
  • How to audit your site for mobile-friendliness going forward

This will affect OVER HALF of your site views? I wouldn’t wait to listen if I were you! 

Check our her “5 Quick Fixes for SEO” at

And connect with Emily at: 

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