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113: Luci Dumas-Organize Your Way!

Let’s face it… in order to have a successful business, making money, making our clients happy, and enjoying life we need to do a lot of stuff. All of it is important. If we take amazing photographs but take a year or never deliver what we promised to the clients, we are not doing our job…right?

We need to have a set of steps….a way of following this….time management habit…work habits…systems

This solo episode with Luci explores different ways to get things done, talks about workflow, and how different learning and processing styles will need different structures.

I share about
-time management and the “units” way to organize your time
-options to keep track of your production
-the Cake and Cringe Pyramid to discover what you need help with

One size does not fit all and learning what fits you can help you have an even more successful and satisfying business.

112: Craig Staley- Reputation Management

Craig Staley joins me on the podcast this week. Craig knows that talented photographers like us are kind of a big deal and he wants to make sure that everyone else knows it too. He offers some unique suggestions on how to make your brand more visible online.

Craig’s committed to helping small businesses like his, grow and reach their full potential. When he’s not hosting The Small Business School Podcast, you can find him running HG Site Design, where he helps clients improve their websites and grow their brands.

You won’t want to miss:

♦️ Why you need to claim your Google My Business page ASAP.
♦️ Ideas to actually get your clients to take the time to leave a review.
♦️ The reason your strategy is struggling.
♦️ How you can start small and adapt as you go.
♦️ The reason Craig thinks he looks bad in photos.

Craig wants us to protect our digital reputations. I gotta admit, he’s got some great advice on how to do just that. Tune in to hear what he has to say!

Connect with Craig

Website Home
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/craigstaley/,
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/craig.staley1
E-mail craig@hgsitedesign.com
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/craigmstaley/
Podcast Podcast

111: Ben Hartley- Chain Reaction Marketing and Wedding Photography Pricing

Ben Hartley joins me on the podcast this week. Ben is the founder of Style & Story, based in Columbus, OH which was named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the country in 2017 and 2020. Ben also offers photographers free coaching inside his Facebook Mastermind Group and weekly Six Figure Photography Podcast.

Ben takes amazing photos but he’s also great at marketing and he thinks you can be too. Ben talks about why your marketing efforts aren’t working and why cohesion is the name of the game when it comes to business.

You won’t want to miss:

🔹 The best way Ben has found to package wedding photos.
🔹 How marketing can be a vehicle for helping others.
🔹 Why he’s sharing other vendors’ work on social media.
🔹 The reason your marketing isn’t working.
🔹 Why your one-dimensional marketing is a waste of time.

Ben’s generous with his knowledge in this episode, and drops tons of info about running a thriving and sustainable photography business. He’s passionate about helping other creatives do the same.

Connect with Ben

Website Coaching for Creatives | Ben Hartley
Instagram @jbenhartley
Facebook Facebook Groups
E-mail jbenhartley@gmail.com

110: Brad Barton- Creativity and Inspiration

This week’s guest is Brad Barton. He is a North Texas-based artist and an award-winning PPA Master Craftsman photographer. He tells people’s stories and captures their emotions in sometimes fantastical, sometimes bizarre, sometimes surreal ways. Using his imagination, camera, and digital tools, he has created work for clients big and small. His work has been published in nationally distributed books and magazines, has been featured in feature-length motion pictures, and has won numerous awards.

Brad talks about how he harnesses the power of creativity to go above and beyond what the client wants. Brad’s creative muscle is strong and he shares tips on what he does to keep it growing.

You won’t want to miss:
-How Brad uses creativity to find his ideal client
-Why you’ll find him roaming the aisles of Jo-Ann Fabrics
-Why it’s ok to do something different even if it means you might fail
-How to tap into your desire in order to do what excites you
-How Brad is expanding his own business

Brad embodies the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. You’ll enjoy Brad’s practical tips for expanding your imagination.

Connect with Brad
to download his game click here
Fairy Bargains

109: Luci Dumas- Four Agreements Part 2

I am super excited to share part 2 of my topic based on the book “The Four Agreements” with Don Miguel Ruiz. This small but powerful book has tools for living a great life and I take these lessons and show how we can use them in business.

I have said this many times…that business is a great way to grow and a person ,and growing past our fears and reactions that hold us back in life is a great way to be more successful in business. It is the gift of being self-employed.

The Four Agreements are:
1) Be impeccable with your word
2) Don’t take anything personally
3) Don’t make assumptions
4) Always do your best.

As I share my thoughts about 2, 3 and 4, I hope these tools become ingrained in your thinking and help you overcome challenges we all face.

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Hugs! Luci


108: Donni Krainess-Hot Seat Coaching

Today’s episode is a little different. My guest, Donni Krainess, is a photographer in Silver Spring, Maryland. He loves weddings and portraits

and allowed me to coach him with a “Create the Business of Your Dreams” strategy session, and share it with The Profitable Photography listeners.

We dig deep together into his vision for his business, both the big picture and smaller details. I am a firm believer that getting super clear  wabout here you want to go is a huge step towards success. How can you create what you want if you haven’t defined it yet?

Then we go into his current challenges and beliefs that hold him back. I am sure you will resonate with much of what he courageously shares with us. 

SPECIAL Offer!!! In the next 4 weeks, I am gifting strategy sessions to 6 photographers that are wanting much more success and might be ready for coaching. To apply, email luci@lucidumas.com with the title “Strategy Session” and I will send you a link for an initial chat.






107: Tanya Goodall Smith – The Business of Branding Photography

Tanya Goodall Smith is the owner of WorkStory Creative, a full service branding agency in Spokane, Washington. WorkStory helps experts and personal brands attract high end clients through authentic and beautiful brand story-telling photography. She loves helping photographer excel in their own branding photography businesses and this episode has lots of hot tips on how to be highly profitable in this niche.

Tanya and Luci go deep into the world of branding for businesses, what it is and how she creates story telling images that become a visual library, ie custom stock photography, for her clients.

Topics include

  • Why branding is much more than a head shot
  • The value of pre-planning, which is half the value to the client
  • Understanding licensing
  • Pricing models

She also share tips on how she stays visible to her clients and has a steady flow of business. This is a great episode with lots of info and tips

How to connect with Tanya…
Join her facebook group “Rock Your Branding Photography Biz”


106: Jessica Robertson-Senior Portrait Photography Success

Jessica Robertson

Jessica is the Queen of Senior Photography and has a studio for over 20 years in Richmond, Virginia area With the support of her team, Robin and Karen, Jessica personally photographs over 200 seniors each year as well as oodles of family portraits

A PPA Master Craftsman Photographer, she also loves to teach and mentor photographers both about senior photography and how to be profitable in any portrait niche.

Seniors …why? She loves interacting with young people, celebrating and allowing them to see their own beauty. She shares 9 senior portrait and business tips including

  • The importance of looking at what you are doing well and where you can improve
  • Finding creative solutions in your sales process
  • Fitting your products to your audience
  • The do’s and dont’s of Senior Ambassador programs

Her advice to her younger self- to value her early work more and be priced for more profit.

Connect with Jessica at
Cell: 804.304.9346
Facebook Group: Shoot it Straight with Jessica Robertson
Facebook: Jessica Robertson Photographic Artistry
Instagram: jessicarobertsonphoto

105: Luci Dumas-The Four Agreements in Business

This episode with Luci Dumas is Part One of a conversation about one of her favorite books called “The Four Agreements” with Don Miguel Ruiz. Though these agreements apply to all areas of life, we can use the wisdom in our businesses to be more successful and use the tools in business to be a better version of ourselves

The four agreements are:
1) Be impeccable with your word,
2) Don’t take anything personally,
3) Don’t make assumptions, and
4) Always do your best.

This episode goes deep into the first agreement. Our “word” is not just about being honest, though that does come into play. The power of intention is also our word…what we claim for ourselves and what we visualize. She shares 6 areas in our photography businesses that relation to using the power of our word, and words, to grow our success.

Luci would love to connect and have you join her group and like her page.
Feel free to send her an email with questions and comments on today’s episode or anything you might want support with.


104: Thomas Morelli- Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Thomas Morelli started Thomas Morelli Photography in 1980. He has been a full time portrait and wedding photographer for over 40 years this year. Tom has photographed over 15,000 portrait sessions and over 1,000 weddings. He has been awarded Maine PPA Photographer of the Year. and specializes in family groups, high school seniors and he has a very busy first year baby photography plan. When asked if he’ll ever retire, Tom says “I love what I do, so as long as the phone keeps ringing, I’ll be here.”

Tom and I discuss his favorite area of business, marketing. His basic principle is to have several ways of reaching ideal clients all at the same time. He thinks of it like a table which has has multiple legs… no one will work alone. Speed the risk…there is a synergy. They all work together. The following are his favorites

1- Facebook…and other social media
2- Displays or exhibits
3-Auctions and charities
4-Direct mail
5-Email marketing, especially toVIP and past clients
6-Model programs…babies or seniors, model calls at no charge
7- Strong referral program…bonus if they send people
8- Co ops…endorsed mailings and customer appreciation programs

We also discuss his baby portrait plan…it is the foundation for a complete family portrait business.

To ask Thomas direct question, contact him here or on Facebook
(207) 989-2577

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