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123: Ania Volovique- Personal Growth Through Business

This week I’m joined by Ania Volovique. Mindset is everything and Ania knows this better than anyone. She also knows that being an entrepreneur is not an easy feat. It’s the ultimate course in self-development, forcing us to walk alongside our fears, strengths, and ego. She knows you’re worthy of greatness and wants you to realize it as well.

Ania Volovique is an empowerment coach, somatic release facilitator, soul-expression photographer and international speaker – who is committed to breakthrough societal conditioning and live life on her terms.
In 2019, Ania was diagnosed with brain cancer and got an opportunity to put all her skills into practice. A month post brain surgery, all her scans came back clear – no longer needing chemo or radiation. Navigating through the cancer experience with full trust and surrender, Ania understands the power of the mind-body connection and guides others to dance through any storm life offers.

You won’t want to miss

Why you’ll probably find Ania in a forest amongst the trees.
The reason she always pays attention to the words she chooses.
Her thoughts on imposter syndrome.
What experience bonded Luci and Ania.

I think Ania has a lot of wisdom when it comes to mindfulness. She gives solid and actionable advice on how to cultivate that in your own life. I loved talking to Ania and I hope you love listening to our interview!

Connect with Ania

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ania_volovique/
Website Volovique.com
Email ania@volovique.com
Facebook Ania Volovique Photography

122: Starting Your Business For Big Success

This episode is all about how to get started selling your work.

I know it can be overwhelming and confusing so I thought I would
give as much info about what to do and think about as I could squeeze out of my brain. This is in no way everything but it is a good foundation for success.

I share with you why the first step is to have a clear vision, a dream that is specific as well as a bit of fantasy, a simple business plan, and a defined goal.

I cover the importance of “Pricing for Profit” and how to do it, making the telephone your best friend and how the right conversations set up the entire system, and a few thoughts on why selling in person is best for your clients and you if you want a profitable business selling lifetime treasures (in my opinion of course).

And I share about the value of
-education of all types…including coaching and courses
-practice practice practice your photography skills, sales, and more

PS…I am started a group program in the fall and would love to help you learn my “secret sauce” and everything else that helps me and my coaching clients sell multiple wall portraits and albums consistently.

Just message me on Facebook or email me to set up a quick call about The Profitable Photographer Sales Academy Live, or anything else you want support with.


121: Kate Storey-Wedding Bookings Made Easy

As people, we aren’t all that different. That’s why storytelling is so powerful. It allows us to experience the connection that we have to each other.

No one knows that better than my guest this week, Kate Storey. Before diving into her photography business Kate mastered social media as a vehicle for telling stories. 

Now she helps photographers create their brands online.

Kate and her husband Nick Storey are the owners of Book More Brides. They help wedding business owners around the world to better understand how to identify their perfect clients, what to say to get them to book, and how to create strategic online content that builds relationships and sales.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while then I’m sure you know that relationships and connections are the cornerstones of sales. 

Grab a pen and get ready to take your sales skills to the next level!

Listen For

-How everyone’s shortened attention spans impact your marketing plan.

-What you need to ensure you do to take photography from a hobby to a successful business.

-The importance of putting your client’s needs above your artistic desires.

-Why clarity is king when it comes to marketing your business.

-How she ended up filming a lamb’s birth. 

I think we all know how important authenticity is these days and Kate has great insight about being true to yourself while speaking to your ideal clients. You’re gonna love it!

Here is how to get in touch with Kate

https://www.bookmorebrides.com/. Find the price shoppers guide


Facebook: fb.com/groups/BookMoreBridesTribe/

Instagram: @bookmorebrides

120: Amy Fraughton-Using “Google My Business” And Being Seen In Multiple Ways

Amy Fraughton started her photography business in all the wrong ways 11 years ago, and quickly learned some hard lessons such as charging my worth and developing a higher end business.

When she found that many other photographers were having some of the same issues Amy ran into, she started Photo Business Tools to help them.

She also a certified Life Coach and spend a great deal of time helping my photographers get past their limiting beliefs and into truer, more successful versions of themselves.

-Clients are right out our front door

-Big Picture…Get exposure…don’t hide under a rock

       put your eggs in a lot of different basket
       Get your google my business in order
       Lead magnets
       Facebook Ads and
       local marketing

Google My Business is great…people going there are ready to buy
-it is different than regular google

  • Secret algorithm
  • Get reviews
  • Posting in GMB
  • Register a local address
  • They send a postcard to confirm
  • You can post regularly
  • Get your reviews sent there

Life coach…limiting beliefs…they lack motivation…motivation comes from how
You feel…how you think about yourself…then they make it mean something about

Come from a place of excitement…
Everyone will always be growing. You are awesome. Have grace and compassion
It is totally normal
It is a habit of your brain
What is true…
Self judgement or comparing to other people
GRACE and Compassion

Start believing in yourself and remember how awesome you are

Free master class at http://www.photobusinesstools.com

119: Heather Davidson Meyn -Anatomy of a $50,000 Sale

My student Heather Davidson-Meyn recently had a 5 figure sale. So, I invited her on the podcast to find out exactly how she did it.

I love Heather’s confidence. She knows the value of her work and it’s reflected in her sales.

We could all be a little more like Heather!

Heather is a Printed Art Portrait Photographer and Owner of Fun Love Photography based in Toronto, Canada. She is an Award-Winning, Accredited, and Master-Designated Portrait Artist specializing in creating heirloom portrait artwork for discerning families since 2009.

Heather is a master at nurturing her clients. Tune in to hear how she does it!

Listen For:
-The value in really paying attention to your clients and their needs.
-Why Heather loves a good thank you gift.
-What she does instead of saying “No”.
-The reason she loves to donate to school auctions.
-How she went from bike racing engineer to profitable professional photographer.

Heather’s advice is spot on. I think you’re going to want to incorporate some of her tips into your business.

Connect with Heather

Toronto Printed Art Portrait Photographer | Fun Love Photography

118: Andrew Darlow- Hot Tips for Photographers

This week, I’m joined by renaissance man, Andrew Darlow. He is a New Jersey-based photographer, author, and digital workflow coach.

For over 25 years, he has helped people capture, edit, print, and backup their irreplaceable photographs and other media. His work has appeared in many publications and media outlets, including People Magazine, Animal Planet, Rangefinder, and Professional Photographer Magazine.
He is also editor of The Imaging Buffet, an online resource with news, reviews, and interviews covering the subjects of photography, printing, and new media. And author of four award-winning books. He is grateful for every minute of his busy career and it shows!
He has amassed tons of knowledge throughout his career and happily sprinkles it throughout this interview.

You won’t want to miss:
-The apps he can’t live without.
-The affordable gear he recommends that’s sure to make your work life easier.
=His top iPhone tips and tricks.
-His mindset tip for preventing negative thoughts from creeping in.

Andrew has had tons of cool experiences and I loved hearing all about the tips he has learned along the way. I promise you won’t want to miss this episode!

Connect with Andrew

Website http://www.andrewdarlow.com
Instagram instagram.com/andrewdarlow
E-mail adarlow@gmail.com
Twitter: @AndrewDarlow
Facebook (personal page): facebook.com/adarlow
Facebook (business page): facebook.com/andrewdarlow

117: Luci Dumas- Are You Good Enough?

“I’m smart enough, I’m good enough and doggonit, I am worth it”…Stuart Smalley/Al Franken

What makes you good enough?
And good enough for what?
-to make money with your photographs?
-compared to others?
-to make people happy?

And what are your fears if you are not good enough?
-being judged or worse yet, rejected?

This solo episode is an exploration into our worries that we many not be good enough as photographers to reach our goals, or get paid well, or satisfy our clients. This is not an easy topic but if I give you the simple answer it is that if someone pays you and enjoys what you create, you are good enough. And f they don’t, it may be because you haven’t marketed well or learned how to let people know the value of what you create for them…not because your work is not up to par.

As artists, it is so common to take everything personally. We want people to love what we do so we feel better about ourselves. But as business people, we need to be client centered, serving them and giving them something priceless, that increased their joy, feel more love, have more moments of beauty..

This episode also includes 7 ways to be more competent as photographers so what we create for clients continues to improve. Using that hunger to be the best we can be is a positive for sure but remember this…
“comparison is the thief of joy”! Do your thing, don’t judge yourself or your work by what you see others create. You have a unique talent, personality, and perspective to share with the world.


116: Erin Bonilla-The High Volume/High Average Pet Studio

Erin Bonilla joins me on the podcast this week. To put it mildly, Erin’s photography business is off the charts successful. And I’m beyond proud of her. She’s special to me because she’s a coaching client of mine.

Erin’s following her passion and it is working!

Bonilla Pet Studio employs a team of 3 photographers, 2 salespeople, plus other support staff. Their entire team is made up of 16 amazing pet-loving people. She is opening a second location
In the fall and plans to have more in the future.

You won’t want to miss:

The reason Erin isn’t afraid to take risks.
The many ways that Erin puts her clients first.
What in the world a guinea garden is.
Why Erin is a big fan of direct response marketing.
Her method for making important business decisions.
Her take on having a coach and whether it was worth it.

Erin’s business has grown very quickly. She has had to hit the ground running and make some big decisions quickly. She shares what has worked for her.

This episode is also a great way for you to decide if coaching might benefit you. It’s your chance to pull the curtain.

Connect with Erin

Website Custom Portraits of the Whole Family | Bonilla Pet Studio
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bonillapetstudio/
Facebook Bonilla Pet Studio

115: Christy Jaynes-Reinvention and Transformation

This week I chat with the wonderful, Christy Jaynes. Christy is my own coach, who played a pivotal role in guiding me to start this podcast!

Christy is a coach who specialized in mid-life transformations. She uses her superpowers to help clients like me achieve their dreams and live the life they’ve always wanted.

One of the things I love about Christy is that she practices what she preaches. As someone that has reinvented her life more than once, she has discovered that it’s all the quality of the small moments between our big successes that add up to a good life, true satisfaction, and real abundance.

Besides helping people through their mid-life transformations Christy has done many other cool things. She is also a certified parenting coach, has worked in web design, interior design, and social media.

Don’t skip any parts of this conversation. Chrisy gives out lots of mind-blowing insights. Enjoy!

You won’t want to miss:

Why achieving your dreams requires flexibility.
How to make fear work for you.
The reason you need to replace negative thoughts ASAP.
How one lunch changed Christy’s career.
How to harness the power of a simple decision.

Christy knows a thing or two about how to make changes that have a BIG, positive impact on your life. You don’t want to miss a minute of what she has to say!

Connect with Christy

Website https://www.midlifetransformations.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mid_life_coach/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/christy.s.jaynes
E-mail Christy@midlifetransformations.com

114: Safina Duke-Mind Your Money Mindset

This week’s show is all about the benjamins.

I chatted with coach Safina Duke about money mindset. She wants you to know your worth and embrace it! It’s time to let go of all those icky feelings we have surrounding money.

When Safina talks about money, I always listen. It’s her area of expertise, so you might want to do the same. She’s a popular money coach for photographers. After 6 years as a professional photographer, Safina knows exactly how to help her clients overcome their own mindset blocks so they can sell their work for more.

You won’t want to miss:

Why Safina ignored her parents’ advice.
The practical things you should be doing as a business owner.
Why money doesn’t have to be hard
How Safina funded her first camera.
What money really is.

You’re gonna wanna take notes while you listen. This episode has a ton of value!

So dig in and follow her suggestions. The sky’s the limit!

Connect with Safina

Website http://fringebysafina.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fringephotography/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/moneyfreedomforphotographers
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