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143: Arica Dorff- Traveling Pet Photographer with 6 Figure Income

What an incredible life this week’s guest has created for herself as a pet portrait photographer. Arica Dorff is a Traveling Pet Photographer who treks across the country every fall in her camper van for her annual Pet Photography Road Trip. After a decade as Las Vegas’ top pet photographer, she sold her brick and mortar studio and hit the road with her Bloodhound, Gracie.

You heard right…she works and live out of a very cool, well equipped van, making a healthy 6 figure income working just 3 months or so out of a year. She has her PPA Photographic Craftsman Degree, and teaching as well as hosting her annual Pet Photography Retreats.

In this episode, we chat about
-some of her photography tips and how she prepares for each session.
-remote sales
-what she does in her free time
-and how love languages can be used in our photography businesses to connect with our clients

I love how Arica has scripted her life is a way that gives her joy, freedom, and an income that is enviable for many hard working photographers.

Connect with her here
email: arica@aricadorff.com
website: http://www.aricadorff.com
Business FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/AricaDorffPhotography
Business IG: instagram.com/AricaDorffPhotography

142: Luci Dumas- Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Photography Business

This solo podcast episode is about partnering with other businesses and non-profits to draw amazing photography clients to us, by creating alliances. I share a photography “thank you gift” program that benefits the other business that has a similar perfect client base, and brings them right to your door. Woo hoo!

The number one question I hear over and over, from new photographers and those in the business for many years, is how to attract ideal clients… people that will love what we do, be wonderful to work with, and “show us the M O N E Y”…ie…happily invest well in what we offer. Where the heck are these people? Well, they are shopping, enjoying services like spa treatments, dining at gourmet restaurants, buying homes, traveling, having their pets groomed, planning events, and such.

I go over the steps in this photography marketing strategy to determine
-what businesses might share your ideal client base
-what to offer the business as a thank you gift to their best patrons
-the importance of presentation
-and details to help this be a big win for everyone

So many of my super smart guests have talked about the power of Direct Response Marketing and this is one example of how to create this type of program that really works. Don’t miss it!

Wishing you continued success,


Ep. 141: Travis Patenaude- Pet Adoption Lead To A Career And Passion For Rescue

Travis Patenaude has never met a dog he didn’t like. Based upon his photographs, I would say that feeling is mutual. I like to think of him as the Dogfather!

He is an Internationally renowned dog photographer of Stink-Eye Photography who creates unique portraits that foster an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. He believes emotions and feelings are a vital part of telling stories and has to be put in a form that touches the hearts of people to evoke empathy and to have the viewer want to learn more about the dogs.

Travis is an advocate for animal rescue and animal rights, in particular, raising awareness for the plight of the hunting dogs of Spain. He has won international awards and has been published across international print, online media, and magazines.

You won’t want to miss
Why it’s so important to shoot what you are passionate about.
The reason he values emotion so much.
What in the world is “heart speak”?
How he’s working to help rescue greyhounds in Spain.

Travis truly embraces the idea of doing what you love. His passion is palpable and I think we could all benefit from a bit more joy in our lives.
Connect With Travis
Email: Travis@Rabbitshell.com
Website: http://www.StinkEyePhotography.com
Instagram: @StinkEye_Photography

140: Colby McLemore-Referrals Are The Key To Building Your Small Business

The amazing Tennessee Photographer, Colby McLemore is a Master Craftsman Photographer and commercial photographer and videographer. He prides himself on exceptional storytelling, has won more awards than he feels he deserves, but less than others, including the Kodak Award, Fuji Award, a Gold Triangle, and an ASP State Award. He also loves to teach and inspire other photographers to be their best.

In our conversation, we discussed the keys to building up small photography businesses through referrals.

Colby shared that his new photography goals are:
-Consistent Habits
-Referral Marketing

These goals are helping Colby build up his business and can help you too!
To get started on your own Referral Marketing strategy, Colby shares the 4 Cornerstones of Referral Marketing are:

  1. Don’t suck at what you do! Deliver quality, excellent work
  2. Help your clients crystallize in their minds what they like about you and your work
  3. Ask for referrals and testimonials consistently over time
  4. Stay visible through newsletters and social media

Those steps don’t seem like too much to do! But, Colby stresses that in order for this strategy to actually work, you have to put in the work week after week to stay consistent in your habits.

You can learn more by listening to our conversation!

Connect with Colby:
Phone–(865) 924-1455
Address–Colby’s Photos & Videos.
503 Clinch Ave #101
Knoxville, TN 37902
Linked In–https://www.linkedin.com/company/colby’s-photography/

Also, be sure to download my free gifts on http://www.lucidumascoaching.com

139: Jonathan Givens- Showbiz Photography

Nashville photographer Jonathan Givens is a PPA Master of Photography and Certified Professional Photographer specializing in the entertainment industry – dance, circus, musicians, actors, etc. He has an extensive background in the performing arts, first as a performer and then backstage production and photography.

He has traveled the world and in this podcast episode, he shares some fun stories about the life of a photographer in the entertainment industry. These include insights into the circus photography and even how Oprah convinced him to become a photographer!

He eventually settled into a business model where he can stay home by specializing in dance photography and other performers in Florida and Nashville, creating the lifestyle he wants with a business plan for his photography business. Wait till you see his award winning ballet photographs!

Jonathan is an excellent example of someone who leans into his strengths, and we talk a lot about the value of specialization. What happens when you specialize?
1- Produce a better product
2- Gain trust from your clients
3- Easier branding
4- More money
5- Simpler marketing
6- When you LOVE what you do, life is good!

You won’t want to miss this conversation!

Connect with Jonathan:
Email – jonathan@eps-photo.com
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/EPSpecialists
Linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/in/epsphoto

Also, be sure to download my free gifts on http://www.lucidumascoaching.com

138: Claire Lauer- SEO Strategies to Attract Tons of Ideal Clients

All hail the content queen!

Claire Lauer knows a thing or 2 about SEO strategies and how to create results-driven content. She says it’s important that talented photographers like us are easy to find online.

She’s right!

Claire Lauer is a content entrepreneur, and educator focused on helping photographers find their dream clients on Google. She believes that photographers can find the right content partner to take that task off their plates so that they can focus on doing what they love – photographing! Her clients lovingly refer to her as “Content Claire” and know they can trust her to take good care of their marketing.

She currently serves photographers across the country.

I think we all understand the need to create content. Claire gives some great advice on how to do it in the most effective way possible!

You won’t want to miss:
-How you can define your target keywords.
-The number of times you should be blogging each month.
-The power of Google search console.
-Why she loves marketing.

Connect With Claire

Website clcontentmarketing.com/subscribe

Email hello@clcontentmarketing.com

Instagram @CLContentMarketing

137: Luci Dumas- The Telephone Is Our Best Friend

This solo podcast episode is about why the telephone is still the most powerful too in our toolbox for creating successful high dollar sales of portrait and wedding photography.

Why? Because building a relationship with a client where they feel important, get excited about working with us, and start thinking about wall portraits is the foundation of my “Trusted Advisor” sales system.

I also share the “when and how” to talk about pricing with portrait and wedding photography clients.

In this episode I chat about

  • The step by step system/ phone script to book highly motivated ideal client
  • Why sharing too much too soon can sabotage a great potential booking
  • How to get over telephone anxiety
  • If or why you might (or might not) post your pricing on your website.

Get out your note pad and be ready for some very practical tips on what to say on the phone to make a nice connection, and plant seeds for great sales of wall portraits, albums, and more.

Best, Luci


136: Kira Derryberry- The Modern Family Portrait

Kira Derryberry needs you to get your shoot together.

She’s busy modernizing family portraits. Kira has found a way to take the traditional portrait, mix it up a little, and make it fun for the whole family.

Kira Derryberry is a Tallahassee-based photographer focused on Family and Commercial portraiture for 11 years

Kira is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and has earned Master Photographer, Master Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer is an approved judge for International Photographic Competition, and as of March 2021, serves as Treasurer for PPA’s Board of Directors.

Kira is also the co-host of the Get Your Shoot Together Photography Podcast alongside fellow photographer and friend Mary Fisk-Taylor.

You won’t want to miss:
Why Kira loves a monochromatic greyscale.
How she sets boundaries.
Why she’s always promoting during the session.
How she knew she wanted to be a photographer.

Kira has some great advice on how to work smarter, not harder. You won’t want to miss what she has to say.

Connect with Kira
Podcast GetYourShootTogether.com
Instagram @shekira
Email info@kiraphoto.com

135: Jeff Brown- LinkedIn -Tips For Gaining Endless Leads And Networking

Let’s embrace LinkedIn. At least that’s what Jeff Brown wants us to do. The platform has the power to allow you to access local and specialized content. It’s also a great place to collaborate. Because we all know that we’re better together than on our own.

Jeff Brown-Licensed Societies of Photographers and BIPPy, Military qualification through the Royal Navy, Wedding and Boudoir Photographer, Author of several best-selling books and articles for magazines, speaker, ambassador for Studio Ninja and Loxley Colour is Glasgow
Jeff is Sponsored by Loxley Colour in Glasgow to give help and support to their clients. ambassador for Studio Ninja software

If you’re ready to grow your network then you won’t want to miss this chat.

You won’t want to miss:
Why he loves reverse engineering.
The power of consistency.
The reason he wants you to just be yourself.
Why he’s a big proponent of niching.

Connect with Jeff

LinkedIn thephotographersmentor
You Tube thephotographersmentor
Facebook focusonmarketing

134: Ron Nichols-In Person Sales and ProSelect Secrets

I’m joined by ProSelect Guru Ron Nichols this week. He has mastered the art of sales and has some great advice to help others do the same.

Ron Nichols has excelled at In-person sales long before the term IPS was coined. Since graduating from college with an art degree, Ron has owned a studio where he perfected studio sales from both the psychological and technical aspects. He has worked closely with many software companies in creating applications that optimize sales efficiency while capitalizing on emotion and enabling back-end workflows.

Ron has worked for many of the country’s top image-makers in developing sales processes and workflow schemes to increase studio profitability. His work now is exclusive as CEO of Pro Studio Sofware, Inc, since the acquisition of ProSelect. Ron’s photographic work and industry service have garnered awards from around the world. He has taught throughout the globe and is a PPA International Juror, Jury Chairman, and past PPA President. He is a member of the elite group, the Society of XXV.

Ron has some great tips about in-person sales and workflow, making this an episode you won’t want to miss.

You won’t want to miss:
All about his workflow.
The red flags you need to be on the lookout for.
His top sales tips.
What it’s like to be a CEO.

Ron’s knowledge is top of the line. Be sure to tune it!

Connect with Ron

Website ProStudioSoftware.com RonNichols.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/i.ronnichols/
Facebook ProSelect
Twitter ProStudioSWtheRonNichols

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