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083: Suzanne Hanson-Creativity and Branding/Rediscover Your Inner Artist

Look up the word “Creative” and you might see a photo of my next guest.

Suzanne Hansen Ofeldt is an artist who specializes in photography, coaching for creatives, and business development. She is the founder of Shewanders Photography and creative director for Wanderlings The Zine.

She is is a world adventurer who captures people’s spirits through her creative wedding, portrait, and travel photography. She’s a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES Magazine, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and more

We discuss the definition of creativity and take a deep dive into her perspective on art and live and so much more.

Other topics include

  • Branding and discovering your style, color palate, and the importance of
  • Fears people have about trying new creative things
  • Apprentice programs
  • Profitability
  • How deep gratitude for our clients leads to loyalty and success
  • Newsletters

She teaches 12 week workshops using Julia Cameron’s books such as “The Artist’s Way” and “The Vein of Gold”. A group is starting Mid January 2021 and she starts new ones periodically.

Suzanne has created a special gift just for listener of The Profitable Photographer called 9 Ways to Be Creative http://www.shewanders.com/nineways

instagram @shewanders @suzanne_ofeldt

082: Margaret Bryant-Pet Photography

For Margaret Bryant, life “going to the dogs” is a great thing. She has specialized in photographing pets in her Carrollton (Dallas), Texas studio in since1998…before it was a thing. Now she is an award winning PPA Mastercraftsman, CPP photographer, teacher and author on the art and business of photographing pets.

She is a nine time PPA Photographer of the Year medalist and a two time PPA Grand Imaging Award finalist so clearly you will want to listen and learn, even if pets aren’t your specialty. Her books are available on Amazon and have helped countless photographers become much better pet photographers.

She loves to talk about capturing the love and whimsy of the dogs (and cats) in front of her camera and share some of the secrets to success in this fairly new, very popular specialty.

Topics include
1- The importance of understanding dog behaviors, body language and breeds.
2- Managing expectations
3- The importance of finding your own voice
4- Why she always has consultations before sessions
5- Oodles of thoughts about building a successful pet photography business
6- Some comparisons Luci and Margaret discover between photographing dogs and young children
7- Tips on how to find great client

Learn about her workshop in July 2021 here https://www.dogphotobootcamp.com/

Where to see her work and connect

081: Bob Coates- Lens Based Art

This weeks interview with M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP Bob Coates is focused on Fine Art and tips on how to market.

Bob has been a pro commercial, weddings and portrait photographer for over 13 years and “mucking about” with photography before that for many years. He was quickly profitable because he was able to leverage marketing and business learned working in other fields.

Also an author, photographic educator and fine art photographer over the years, he is now gearing totally toward commercial and fine art as a ‘Lens Based Artist” where the final image starts with photographs and then they are enhanced from there.

He share many practical tips for photographers, including how to communicates to galleries, and other fine art locations, and the benefits of visiting galleries

Topics include suggestions about-

1-Getting in galleries…how to sell, speak to the galleries in a way that they relate to
2- How to not under charge
3- The show circuit
4- Juried shows
5- Selling on line on line
6-The easiest way to sell is to people who already buy your work

Bob’s final thought is the importance of being a better marketer in any specialty. “If you don’t market and sell your work…it is not going to happen”

Special on equipment= Receive 10% to 20% off Bob Coates’s gear list at Hunt’s Photo http://www.huntsphotoandvideo.com/

You can reach him via email with questions bob@bcphotography.com

080: Luci Dumas-Money Mistakes/ Don’t Fall Into a “Gopher Hole”

How to avoid money “gopher holes” or, ways to avoid sabotaging a great sale from a delightful client

Today’s solo episode with Luci is all about the little things that can trip you up and reduce or completely ruin what might be a great sale. She covers the following areas such as

1-Dos and don’t on your price list
2-Ways to be sure clients are fully prepared to place and order
3- Poor decisions on how you show your work that cost you big time
4- How to show up as a professional in the sales room
5- Possible stumbles that keep people from placing great orders in the sales room
6- Why talking too much and offering discounts can diminish your value

And more (of course)
Luci would LOVE to receive feedback on this episode and support you on your journey.

Be sure to join her group. like her page, and contact her with any questions or ideas for future
topics and guest.

079: Darryl Glade-Real Estate Photographic Tips

Real estate photographer Darryl Glade’s experience as a top realtor in Louisiana for 10 years gave him deep insights into the needs of of photographers and realtors. He co-founded Rocket Photo an online marketplace that connects Realtors with photographers.

In this episode, we chat about how Real Estate Photography can be very lucrative, and supplement income for photographers who have had a drop in clients due to the pandemic. Homes are still being sold and the need for great images is constant.

In this interview Darryl shares so much wisdom including his ideas on
-Camera and other equipment needed
-Drones-how to use them to increase sales and service
-How to be a problem solver for your client
-Why systems can greatly increase your income

You might discover a new passion and way to use your camera and talents for additional income.

Register as a photographer on Rocket Photo in 2020 and he will upgrade your account to Premium for free for 6 months.

078: Jeff Fasano-Learning to “See the Light”

Jeff Fasano is an amazing photographer, and a well respected professional in Nashville. Tennessee. He has captured the essence, heart and soul of legendary actors, notable artists and musicians. His unique style of environmental portraiture truly expresses his passion and what he loves.

Lighting is one of his super powers and he loves to help photographers “see the light” and learn to use it well to create images that use the power of light to “wow” the viewer, and create strong impact.

Some of his tips are
– that you don’t have to be award winning to be very successful in business
– that being highly skill with lighting is one key to profitability

He share 3 exercise that can greatly improve your ability to see and use light masterfully.

Though not a direct discussion about making money, this impactful conversation will give you insights into how to create drama ,and develop more awareness about the use of natural and studio light to stand out from the crowd. Better photography always helps us on the path to more profitablity.

You can see Jeff’s amazing work at Jeff Fasano Photography http://www.jefffasano.com
and send questions to jeff@jefffasano.com

077: Colby McLemore- Commercial Photographer and Marketing

Colby McLemore of Colby’s Photos & Videos has had a highly successful advertising/commercial photography business located in East Tennessee for over 15 years. He usually works both on location and in his downtown Knoxville, TN studio. 

Marketing has been a passion since he was young and he loves to share his experience and wisdom on how to have a successful business as a photographer.

Some of the topics Luci and Colby discuss are 

1. The  different about commercial photography from portraits. 

2. Digital marketing and SEO

3. Testimonials and reviews and how to cultivate them and why

4. The joy of working in a collaborative environment 

5. Networking as a powerful foundation for a business

And his final suggestion is to “Just Do It”. Get out of your rut and just get going.

To connect with Colby call or email 


(865) 924-1455

Connect with Luci Dumas:

Twitter: @lucidumas

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Website: LuciDumas.com

Coaching: LuciDumasCoaching.com

076: Luci Dumas-Personal Growth/Mindset in Business

Today’s episode is a fairly personal look into Luci’s journey in business and how she used it to become a stronger, more successful, and happier person both in her career and life. Self-employment, especially as artists, can help us grow and heal lifetime patterns that impacted our financial. professional, and personal success.

She shares specific strategies, and solutions to the experiences and “mindset” issues many photographers face when navigating the challenges of self-employment.

Her tips include
-the value of journalling
-benefits of having a coach and support of professionals
-why personal growth groups and programs increase our photography business success
-her favorite books that help her in business and life

075: The Art Of Six Figures with Easton Reynolds

Easton Reynolds is the Founder of The Art of Six Figures, a business-changing marketing education platform for photographers. In 2012, Easton joined his wife in her New Jersey-based photography business, LuRey Photography, and immediately began putting his business background to use. LuRey Photography achieved 6 figures in its second year in business.

in 2017, he launched The Art of Six Figures Facebook Ads course, through which he has helped hundreds of photographers around the world.

Easton has been seen on the stage as a keynote speaker at Inspire, and has taught classes for PPA in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. He has also taught at WPPI 2017, 2018, and he’s been featured in RangeFinder, Shutter Magazine, SLR Lounge and many more. Named a top 100 wedding photographer by both SLR Lounge and Brandsmash, Easton is sponsored by B&H Photo and MagMod.
Luci Dumas and Easton chat in detail about Direct Response Marketing and Facebook Ads and how they can be the core marketing program for a highly successful business.

Topics include
-Boosting posts and Facebook Ad and why the ads are much more successful
-Pixels- what they are an how to use them to find and market to idea clients
-SEO tips
-Story Based marketing
-Lead Magnets and landing pages
-Retargeting to people that clicked on an ad

You are bound to feel inspired and grateful that you took the time to listen to this brilliant guest of The Profitable Photographer.

To sign up for his course on Facebook Ads just click here https://profitablephoto–theartofsixfigures.thrivecart.com/fb-ads-marketing-course/5bc8ae868d9ed/

Join his FREE 7 Day Challenge

contact Easton at

074: Ted Linczak- Santa Sessions and Personal Projects


In this episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast, Luci Dumas with Ted Linczak, a Master craftsmen photographer and award winning wedding photographers 

Ted Linczak and his wife Rachel, are the owner and photographers of Linczak Photography and Nuvo Images since 2006, and has thriving photography studios in Northeast Ohio, and Charleston, SC. He Has been on local, state, and national stages for 8 years sharing the fundamental as well as his “Wonder of Santa”  program.

Ted’s style is glamorous and combines high fashion photography with photojournalism to display relationships and connections between his subjects. 

Ted is the 2020 South Carolina as well as Ohio Photographer of the Year (PPSC, PPO), also winning the award in 2015, 2017, and 2018. He was awarded the overall Grand Imaging Award from PPA in 2016 for his album 1863, which also was awarded the Gold Medallion Award by the American Society of Photographers the same year. Ted has won multiple Grand Imaging Awards through the PPA for his wedding and portrait albums since 2012, and was awarded the Canon Par Excellence Award in 2016.  

Ted shared how he began his career as a photographer, the importance of creating a portfolio, entering competitions, and living the art of photography with passion. Stay tuned to hear more about this amazing story!

In this episode of the Profitable Photographer Luci and Ted discuss:

•Ted’s career and how he got started in photo contests.

•The importance of education to reach the level you see in other colleagues.

•Getting out virtually and physically to make it happen.

•The reality of awards is that you have to do it to challenge yourself.

Key takeaways:

•Photography competitions are important to grow creatively, technically and as an artist.

•Add value creating themed photo books

•Create creative sets for your pictures

•Always ask yourself “what can I do better?”

•Create visibility of your brand

•Social Media Marketing

Connect with Ted Linczak:



Connect with Luci Dumas:

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