198: Teshorn Jackson – Systems as the Key to Success in Photography and All Businesses

Mar 28, 2023

Guest Teshorn Jackson and I have been Facebook friends and finally got to meet in person at WPPI in March. I immediately decided that we needed to do a podcast episode together, and here we are! 

If you’re not familiar with Teshorn, he is a man of many hats (and he always has a fascinating hat on).  Not only is he an award-winning wedding photographer, but he is also an educator that has traveled as far as Kenya and Cuba to teach. Teshorn also created an online community for Black Wedding Photographers across the globe to help establish, nurture, and educate members of the community. 

Fun fact: Teshorn studied architecture, and only picked up a camera because he was able to negotiate the seller down in price (just to try out his negotiating skills).  And just look where he is now. 

We had a wonderful conversation! We talked about everything from using architecture in photos, to the pros and cons of being an introvert that needs to sell, and even chatted about how utilizing systems as an entrepreneur can help you ensure that you can run any type of business. 

For instance, Teshorn shares that for wedding photographers, using these three things in your systems will help make your couples want to work with you more, so you have to sell to them less.                                                           

  1. The key to selling starts with listening and asking both relevant and non-relevant questions.
  2. Use psychology: fear of loss, the desire of gain. 
  3. Have a System! Create a written process and edit it on a regular basis to make sure it still works for you.

Teshorn’s final thoughts for us: Things that become ordinary to you, could be extraordinary to someone else later on. The value of education is priceless. Take care of your clients, they matter. Even if you don’t have all the answers it’s okay to just jump. 

Not only did Teshorn share all of this valuable information (and so much more!) with us, but he’s also offering $250 off registration to The Resolve Workshop, which will be held next January in Mexico City. Just mention my name for the discount. What a gift!  Register here: www.resolveworkshop.com

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