197: John DeMato – Photographing Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Authors with Visual Storytelling

Mar 22, 2023

This week on The Profitable Photographer Podcast I’m so excited to welcome John DeMato, a visual storytelling expert that photographs speakers, authors, trainers and consultants to create world-class, image assets that position them as an authority In their space of expertise. 

197 - John DeMato - Photographing Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Authors with Visual Storytelling - Profitable Photographer Podcast with Luci Dumas

By using collaboration, strategy and execution, he sets clients up for success beyond the photo sessions by educating them on how to leverage their portraits, book images, virtual and live event photos across their online presence. 

And what a fascinating conversation John and I had all about empowering, and creating a magical experience for those he serves! 

With 22 years of experience behind the camera as a former television producer, John knows exactly how important it is to create a valuable experience for his clients. This experience is built on using strategy to create consistent results for each client, capturing a visual variety of images during a session, and, surprisingly, thinking more like a marketer than a photographer. 

But, John didn’t start his business intending to make headshots his specialty, he just happened to be doing them on the side. In fact, it took him a while to build his business. He built his business by focusing on 2 things: being intentional through communication and building relationships. In addition to focusing on communication, John is also very active in his social media world. 

John’s strategy for creating consistent results starts with having a strategy call with each client. During that call, he focuses on 4 things: 

  1. Getting to who they are
  2. Finding out where the resources are
  3. Getting to know their personality
  4. Building rapport so the client feels comfortable with him. 

His end goal for each session is always the same: to think like a marketer more than a photographer, to serve his clients, and to be a collaborator with them. 

John’s final words for us? It is a gift to make a living in photography and it is something that needs to be earned. Believe in yourself

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