150: Nino Batista- Photographing Models

Apr 26, 2022

Today, our hostess Luci Dumas sits down with Ron “Nino” Batista, a photographer, writer, musician, and overall creative wizard whose work is regularly seen in lifestyle publications the world over. He is regarded as the premier model photographer, retoucher, and artist development educator based in the United States.

Listen in as Nino offers his impressive approach to model photography and definition of beauty. He begins by explaining why women are typically more aesthetically pleasing to photograph than men, and the evolution of boudoir photography over the past three decades. He also gives some tips on how to break into commercial portraiture and finding your niche in the space.

150: Nino Batista- Photographing Models

Regarding the difference between photography depicting the objectification of its subject and that of pure fine art, Nino does a deep dive into the importance of intent and execution on the part of the photographer. In fact, he makes the case that the artist is just as important as the art, and this is why it is important to work on your personal brand as a photographer.

The internet has given every creative a platform, and everyone who desires it is able to carve out a little space online for their unique brand of art. Nino suggests that, instead of complaining that social media has led to over-saturation, budding photographers should instead focus on expressing themselves and their art authentically. In a sea of people, those who embrace honesty and transparency rise above the noise.

In his own words: “Sincerity wins. Whatever your approach to your art is, if you’re sincere, it will show.”

Key Topics:

  • Why women are more aesthetically pleasing to photograph than men (5:57)
  • Commercial versus general portraiture (14:32)
  • How to break into commercial portraiture (20:00)
  • Defining “color grading” (25:49)
  • “Boudoir” versus “fine art” posing (29:46)
  • Gaining clarity on your strengths as a photographer (33:14)
  • Everybody has a platform now, thanks to the internet (43:10)
  • Nino’s parting words of advice (52:14)
  • Luci’s wrap-up (59:16)


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