149: LARRY HERSBERGER – Magical Christmas Portraits for Fun and Big Profits

Apr 19, 2022

Today our hostess Luci Dumas sits down with the amazing Larry Hersberger, an internationally-acclaimed and licensed artist, storyteller, writer, designer and master photographer. He is globally known for his innovation of Magical Santa Photography, Magical Snowman, Vintage Baseball and Fine Art Classical portraiture.

Listen in as Larry discusses his foray into photography in the 90s and what motivated his decision to veer away from the art’s typical focus in America at the time on “canvas, curtains, carpet, and old chairs.” From this, Larry offers his first important lesson for any aspiring or budding photographer: Develop your personal brand as an artist.

149: LARRY HERSBERGER - Magical Christmas Portraits for Fun and Big Profits

The yuletide maestro then discusses his unique and inimitable approach to Magical Santa photography, noting that he isn’t just the photographer, but the director as well. And as a director he explains, crucially, that the bulk of his communication is actually with the child rather than Santa himself.

He goes on to dissect the business of art and how photographers of all stripes, even those relatively early in their career without a studio, can succeed in this space. He makes the case that any professional can make a quarter of a million dollars with just 50 clients, positioning oneself as a trusted advisor with each and every single one.

Key Topics:

  • Developing your personal brand as a photographer (9:36)
  • Why Larry’s approach to Magical Santa Photography is so innovative (19:50)
  • Defining “painting” and the business of art (29:40)
  • Telling stories through your art with your best customer in mind (37:00)
  • His advice to newer photographers without a studio of their own (46:50)
  • His tried-and-tested three-part sales process (52:16)
  • Why he changed his mind on newborn photography (1:03:47)
  • His parting words of advice, and how to attract your ideal clients (1:09:59)
  • Luci’s wrap up (1:18:25)


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