143: Arica Dorff- Traveling Pet Photographer with 6 Figure Income

Feb 22, 2022

What an incredible life this week’s guest has created for herself as a pet portrait photographer. Arica Dorff is a Traveling Pet Photographer who treks across the country every fall in her camper van for her annual Pet Photography Road Trip. After a decade as Las Vegas’ top pet photographer, she sold her brick and mortar studio and hit the road with her Bloodhound, Gracie.

You heard right…she works and live out of a very cool, well equipped van, making a healthy 6 figure income working just 3 months or so out of a year. She has her PPA Photographic Craftsman Degree, and teaching as well as hosting her annual Pet Photography Retreats.

In this episode, we chat about
-some of her photography tips and how she prepares for each session.
-remote sales
-what she does in her free time
-and how love languages can be used in our photography businesses to connect with our clients

I love how Arica has scripted her life is a way that gives her joy, freedom, and an income that is enviable for many hard working photographers.

Connect with her here
email: arica@aricadorff.com
website: www.aricadorff.com
Business FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/AricaDorffPhotography
Business IG: instagram.com/AricaDorffPhotography