142: Luci Dumas- Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Photography Business

This solo podcast episode is about partnering with other businesses and non-profits to draw amazing photography clients to us, by creating alliances. I share a photography “thank you gift” program that benefits the other business that has a similar perfect client base, and brings them right to your door. Woo hoo!

The number one question I hear over and over, from new photographers and those in the business for many years, is how to attract ideal clients… people that will love what we do, be wonderful to work with, and “show us the M O N E Y”…ie…happily invest well in what we offer. Where the heck are these people? Well, they are shopping, enjoying services like spa treatments, dining at gourmet restaurants, buying homes, traveling, having their pets groomed, planning events, and such.

I go over the steps in this photography marketing strategy to determine
-what businesses might share your ideal client base
-what to offer the business as a thank you gift to their best patrons
-the importance of presentation
-and details to help this be a big win for everyone

So many of my super smart guests have talked about the power of Direct Response Marketing and this is one example of how to create this type of program that really works. Don’t miss it!

Wishing you continued success,


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