133: Luci Dumas-Marketing from the Inside Out

Dec 14, 2021

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions create your reality.” – Wayne Dyer

This solo episode is about an exploration into some of the ways you can up your inner marketing/success game. You might call it the Power of Attraction or a positive mindset. I love to share about the importance of your vision and goals, and how to become a magnet for the dreams you have for your life.

These tools have helped me create a 40 year full time career as a photographer and now also a photography business coach and they can help you as well. It has sometimes felt like magic when I use some of these specific tools to draw ideal clients to me.

Listen in to find out the value of

  • affirmations and positive thinking
    -setting clear goals
    -surrounding yourself with positive people and those that are where you want to be
    -reading motivational books
    -my special way to market by sitting on my front porch

The truth is, doing all the “things” that are designed to help us be successful and profitable accomplish very little unless we have a positive, magnetic energy and clear goals that inspire us to keep doing what it takes to reach them. Please let me know your thoughts and how I might support you on your path.