132: David Hilton- How To Build A Highly Successful Photography Business

Dec 7, 2021

I’m joined this week by marketing master, David Hilton. He knows the power of branding.

It begins with how you position yourself to the customer. And from there, it’s all about the journey that you take them on. David’s extensive business experience makes this an interview you won’t want to miss.

David is experienced in building businesses, guiding owners to higher profits and greater freedom. He is the author of two books on entrepreneurship: SPARK, Taking Your Business from Struggle to Significance, and The Ultimate Success Secret with co-author Dan Kennedy.

As president of Hilton Photography, a business that he recently, successfully sold, he grew and managed multiple locations and recruited, hired, and trained over 500 people. He developed this company to operate profitably without his day-to-day involvement.

He holds a Photographic Craftsman degree from PPA, a Doctorate Degree in Business, an MBA, a BS in Photography, and a Master’s degree in Education

Tune in and let’s get down to business!

You won’t want to miss:
What inspired him to major in business.
Why you need to find your style.
How many hours a day David spends on marketing.
How to have a business and not work full-time.
The details on the business he began as a child.

Connect with David

Website http://portraitstudiosuccess.com/
Email dhilton@StrategicVisionOnline.com
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LInkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidahilton/