130: Holly Smith- Hiring a VA-How And Why You Need One

Nov 23, 2021

Holly is the founder of The Genie VA, a small team of virtual assistants offering extensive administrative support to small wedding & elopement photographers across the US. She is a wedding & events coordinator turned virtual assistant, and now aims to help as many photographers as she can with behind-the-scenes, time-consuming tasks that will help them focus on their passion, spend less time in front of their computer, and allow them to grow their business.

In this episode, Holly and Luci talk about:

1- When is it time to hire a VA?

2- How do we find a great one and what is right for us. what they should ask before hiring someone

3- Mindset shifts you may need to make before outsourcing/how to tackle the resistance

4- How to prepare for outsourcing.


Holly explains that a VA is like a personal assistant but it is online and it is a broad term including things like:

-tech VA…workflow, 

– Support 

– Bookkeeping

– Marketing

– Writing 

– Social media manager

– Editing 

We discuss hen is it time to hire? When you feel burnt out, you are not taking the steps, you are loosing the drive, stuck in a rut and how to start working with one. If you’re not sure where to look Luci and Holly go over various websites to find reputable VA’s. We go over how to know if the VA you are considering is a good fit, what skills they should have, and how you can learn from them.

Get in touch with Holly:


Instagram: @thegenieva


Final advice…be really clear about what you want and why…and your goals.