129: John Hartman- Marketing and Lightpainting Tips

Nov 16, 2021

John Hartman is bringing us back to the basics and I’m here for it. He believes in the value of relationships. He knows trust is the foundation for those relationships. So go ahead and get in front of your target audience and then build that trust!

John Hartman has owned and operated his studio in Stevens Point, WI since 1974. His work has won the highest awards at the state and national levels, including a Grand Imaging Award finalist. He has presented at hundreds of state, regional and national photography conferences. His John Hartman Las Vegas Marketing Boot Camps have helped thousands of photographers grow their business and improve their photography. Since 2014 John has developed a unique version of light painting, which has created an entirely new and profitable product line for his studio.

His long and prosperous career suggest that we should all trust his advice!

You won’t want to miss…
-Why an easy high school elective change the course of his life forever.
-The reason head shots can be so profitable.
-What light painting is and how John incorporates it into his portfolio.
-How he manages to have so much fun.

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