118: Andrew Darlow- Hot Tips for Photographers

This week, I’m joined by renaissance man, Andrew Darlow. He is a New Jersey-based photographer, author, and digital workflow coach.

For over 25 years, he has helped people capture, edit, print, and backup their irreplaceable photographs and other media. His work has appeared in many publications and media outlets, including People Magazine, Animal Planet, Rangefinder, and Professional Photographer Magazine.
He is also editor of The Imaging Buffet, an online resource with news, reviews, and interviews covering the subjects of photography, printing, and new media. And author of four award-winning books. He is grateful for every minute of his busy career and it shows!
He has amassed tons of knowledge throughout his career and happily sprinkles it throughout this interview.

You won’t want to miss:
-The apps he can’t live without.
-The affordable gear he recommends that’s sure to make your work life easier.
=His top iPhone tips and tricks.
-His mindset tip for preventing negative thoughts from creeping in.

Andrew has had tons of cool experiences and I loved hearing all about the tips he has learned along the way. I promise you won’t want to miss this episode!

Connect with Andrew

Website http://www.andrewdarlow.com
Instagram instagram.com/andrewdarlow
E-mail adarlow@gmail.com
Twitter: @AndrewDarlow
Facebook (personal page): facebook.com/adarlow
Facebook (business page): facebook.com/andrewdarlow

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