117: Luci Dumas- Are You Good Enough?

Aug 17, 2021

“I’m smart enough, I’m good enough and doggonit, I am worth it”…Stuart Smalley/Al Franken

What makes you good enough?
And good enough for what?
-to make money with your photographs?
-compared to others?
-to make people happy?

And what are your fears if you are not good enough?
-being judged or worse yet, rejected?

This solo episode is an exploration into our worries that we many not be good enough as photographers to reach our goals, or get paid well, or satisfy our clients. This is not an easy topic but if I give you the simple answer it is that if someone pays you and enjoys what you create, you are good enough. And f they don’t, it may be because you haven’t marketed well or learned how to let people know the value of what you create for them…not because your work is not up to par.

As artists, it is so common to take everything personally. We want people to love what we do so we feel better about ourselves. But as business people, we need to be client centered, serving them and giving them something priceless, that increased their joy, feel more love, have more moments of beauty..

This episode also includes 7 ways to be more competent as photographers so what we create for clients continues to improve. Using that hunger to be the best we can be is a positive for sure but remember this…
“comparison is the thief of joy”! Do your thing, don’t judge yourself or your work by what you see others create. You have a unique talent, personality, and perspective to share with the world.