108: Donni Krainess-Hot Seat Coaching

Jun 15, 2021

Today’s episode is a little different. My guest, Donni Krainess, is a photographer in Silver Spring, Maryland. He loves weddings and portraits

and allowed me to coach him with a “Create the Business of Your Dreams” strategy session, and share it with The Profitable Photography listeners.

We dig deep together into his vision for his business, both the big picture and smaller details. I am a firm believer that getting super clear  wabout here you want to go is a huge step towards success. How can you create what you want if you haven’t defined it yet?

Then we go into his current challenges and beliefs that hold him back. I am sure you will resonate with much of what he courageously shares with us. 

SPECIAL Offer!!! In the next 4 weeks, I am gifting strategy sessions to 6 photographers that are wanting much more success and might be ready for coaching. To apply, email luci@lucidumas.com with the title “Strategy Session” and I will send you a link for an initial chat.