073: Luci Dumas- Website Tips for Attracting Ideal Clients

This solo episode with Luci Dumas explores the do’s and don’t of websites for photographers, especially for high end photographers. And her recommendation about posting pricing on sites is covered as well.

She discusses her unique perspective on websites for photographers that want to have a profitable business and attract perfect new clients.

  1. Purpose of the site- to get people to contact you. It is advertising, not a catalog.
  2. SEO value vs. a beautiful site that gets them to contact you
  3. Why too much info can overwhelm the viewer and keep them from booking you
  4. How and when to share pricing…and when not to.
  5. To blog or not to blog

It is easy to get confused or have websites with too many photos, too much info, not enough “WOW” factor or weak branding. This recording touches on all of this and more.

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