068: Ann Monteith-Preserving Images as a Business

Sep 8, 2020

Master Craftsman and Fellow-Irish PPA Ann Monteith is the professional photography industry’s leading authority on studio marketing and business management. As a past president of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), she is an internationally read author of books and articles on subjects of interest to studio owners and managers. Her workshops are credited with setting some of the industry’s most successful photographers on the road to profitability. Ann and her husband, Jim Monteith, have owned and operated three different portrait studio businesses.

As PPA President she helped the philanthropic arm of the Association, PPA Charities, forge a relationship with Operation Smile.

In recent years she has become an outspoken advocate of the need for photographers, families, businesses, and societal institutions to properly preserve their vulnerable digital files. Having Ann on The Profitable Photographer is an absolute treat.

In this episode of the Profitable Photographer Luci and Ann discuss:

•The upkeep required to preserve digital files
•How to charge clients for archiving
•Ann’s tips on running a thriving, profitable business

Key takeaways:
•Build an annual business plan; It sets a standard, goals, expenses, etc.
•Understanding your finances is essential to establish your price points
•Don’t be afraid to make changes– it is trial and error to find which methods fit you and your business best
•The potential in offering an archiving service
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