067: Amy and Tavis Guild-Creating Desire for Your Photography

Sep 3, 2020

Tavis and Amy Guild are business designers and award-winning portrait artists based in Yakima, WA. A fun and vibrant style has given these two the opportunity to photograph over a thousand weddings and sessions in the past twelve years all over the world. Passionate about people and wall portraits, helping photography business owners has been a natural extension of their work. They have been coaching and teaching photography courses since 2011.

Tavis and Amy are also the owners of Guild Canvas, an exclusive canvas company that specializes in handcrafted wall art for professional photographers. This kind and charming duo offers knowledge and tips you won’t want to miss.

In this episode of the Profitable Photographer Luci, Tavis and Amy discuss:
•Why and how Tavis creates an experience for his clients
•How this husband and wife team balances each of their strengths, to better their business
•The importance of a consistent, cohesive website
•How the Guild’s implement their brand into their studio’s design

Key takeaways:
•Any team thrives when each person involved knows their strengths and where to apply them •Have a student’s heart– remain willing to learn how to do better
•Don’t be a one-hit-wonder…look for long term value
•How you market helps your clients see the value in the artwork you offer
Connect with Tavis and Amy:
Email: ​hello@guildcanvas.com
Websites: Guildcanvas.com ​www.tavisandamy.com Facebook: ​The Guild Canvas Club
Instagram: ​@guildcanvas

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Twitter: @lucidumas
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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/luci-dumas
Instagram: @theprofitablephotographer_pod
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