061: Don MacGregor-The Art & Craft Of Family Portraits

Jul 21, 2020

Master photographer and educator Don McGregor has been creating gorgeous environmental portraits and photographing weddings since 1970 in his Vancouver, Canada studio. During 50 or so years, his business and our industry have seen many changes, especially in the way photographers reach out or service their clients. He loves to support photographers on how to keep thriving
through the changes.

He is the recipient of the Yousuf Karsh 2017 Lifetime Achievement award, as well as many others too numerous to mention.
He holds the following degrees… M.Photog.Cr.API, CPP, HLM,F/PPOC,MPA,SPA,F/PPABC/A and is actively involved in the World Photographic Cup Competition- worldphotographiccup.org

In this episode, Luci and Don discuss the art and craft of family portraits and how he his family portraits become large, impactful works of art by following a
step by step process. He’s shares about the importance of the consultation in order to create portraits that mean something to the clients. He uses Emotional Symbols to personalize the images and sell them for a significant investment.

“If a process is followed (from first consultation through the presentation appointment) one can realize a sales average far higher than the national average. “

Some of his tips include

  • Posing a group is actually posing one person at a time
  • Posing people in groups of triangles and using diagonal lines in the composition creates a sense of flow
  • Giving thought to the design, background, and lighting of a portrait before you begin
  • Creating a Master Image that is presented to the clients at the sales session, and why this almost always becomes their main portrait.
  • Putting heads about the same distance apart …don’t clump together…open up the group…give them space
  • Placing people into the foreground of an environment to make the subject dominant in the photograph

Don and Luci also discuss some of the ways to be perceived as a high value business by thinking of how we present ourselves with our clothing, our voice, the words we use,
and our likability . Our vision and communication style helps us gain respect and increase our profits.

You can contact Mr. MacGregor via email to receive his PDF called “The River” that illustrates his posing and thought process when designing portraits



Be sure to view the World Photographic Cup- worldphotographiccup.org