060: Steve Saporito- Happy Clients And Emotional Connection

Jul 14, 2020

 Steve Saporito owned  and  managed  3  successful  full-time  portrait  studios  in  Australia  for  15  years.  Since  then,  his  training  is  helping  home-based  studio  owners,  wedding  and  portrait  photographers,  and  large  retail  studio  owners  to  deliver  the  highest  standard  of  customer  service  possible.  His focus is getting you to create artwork that excites your clients, giving you more time to enjoy your life and making more money with your photography.

In this episode of “The Profitable Photographer,” Luci Dumas talks to Steve Saporito about the importance of emphasizing the human relationship with our customers. Changing our mindset about money and thinking more about others.

“This is the whole point, when we begin to photograph something meaningful for somebody from a emotional point, clients want to hold on to that”

Luci and Steve talk about:

● Listening to your client

● Making marketing simple

● Giving our clients what they want and need, what they being searching for

● Being honest

This 1-hour episode covers:

  1. Building value
  2. Helping our clients feel valued
  3. Using our passion to change peoples lives

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