014 Abbey Chamberlain: Gold in your contact list!

Don’t ignore people that already know and love you!

This week’s guest is one of my dearest friends,Abbey Chamberlain. She has been a highly profitable full time photographer for 40 years, is a teacher on creativity and business success. Semi retirement gives her the luxury of growing as a fine art photographer where work for sale in several galleries

Our conversation goes deep into how Abbey “loved”, ie…stays in touch with, her best clients in ways that kept them coming back year after year, refer her consistently, and investing thousands in wall art every time.

In this episode, Luci and Abbey discuss:

  • Importance of keeping a robust contact list and continuing the relationship with clients
  • What clients received when they purchased $12K with Abbey’s wedding photography
  • How Abbey kept in close contact with her clients

Key Takeaways:

  • So many professional photographers undervalue their talents in photography
  • It is crucial that business owners collect all the information possible from clients so there is always an event to offer their services to
  • Having a more friendly relationship to clients versus a purely business relationship

“Photography seemed just a natural extension of who I am and it was something I did and love and I still love.” — Abbey Chamberlain

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Email: info@abbeychamberlain.com

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