Does just the title of this create anxiety? Or do you already have a proven system that results in just exactly what you want your clients to purchase? Does the idea of having a roadmap for selling your portraits as gorgeous pieces of art give you a sense of peace, or are you a bit lost in how to structure a successful sale?

Never fear…I have a plan.

It isn’t rocket science learning to help decorate each of your clients homes with gorgeous wall portraits you create for them…and having them write you checks in the thousands, rather than hundreds. It takes a system, a plan to build a deep relationship with potential clients which leads to great sales that clients will be thrilled to purchase. This system, which I have learned and perfected for over 30 years, has led to thousands of large portraits becoming treasured art for my clients and helped me earn a great living. It is not a secret and I love to share with others.

Where does it start? How does this happen?

It starts with how your find potential clients, the initial introduction to people that, if they know who you are, the experience they will have, and what you will create for them, will be delighted to invest in your art. And it helps you become a highly profitable photographer.

The next step in the process is a consultation, preferably in person. At the consultation you continue developing the relationship, inspire them with your work printed beautifully and large, and the ideas you have for their session. Also, I have a set of details about the session, studio policies and pricing that I review with them in detail.Next is how they have the first direct contact with you. The key is the telephone. I know, many people don’t want to to use the phone and might even be a little afraid of it. If this is you, I want you to see the phone as your new best friend. Why? Because the key to success selling wall portraits is …

1- Developing a relationship…getting them to like you and feel that you like them.

2- Becoming a TRUSTED ADVISER. The most important concept I teach my coaching clients is their role as a trusted advisor. I didn’t invent the idea but if no other idea gets deep into your mind about how to sell wall portraits (or albums or shoelaces for that matter) it is this concept…becoming the trusted advisor. And it starts with the telephone.

3- Planting seeds every step of the way about the value of wall portraits and printed products.

4- Having a system to use in the sales room to lead them to the purchase

5- Knowing how to respond to objections that can dismantle a great order if not handled correctly.

6- And…selling with emotion, keeping them in their heart about the purchase. (I love it especially when they cry during the slide show.)

Some photographers will simply email a price/policy list on request and maybe a magazine with some pretty words and pictures. They cross their fingers and hope for the best. This puts them in the position as a “commodity” rather than an artist that will create custom portraits and product. Then there are surprised when people say they are too expensive, misunderstand policies,  or don’t book them at all. Before hearing about pricing, it is critical for potential customer understand the value of the experience and the finished art.

Does it surprise you to learn that the portrait session is an important part of the wall portrait sale? Or have you assumed that it is the only important step…to take pretty pictures and hope they will buy them. A portrait session is a special time to develop your positioning as a trusted advisor. Guiding them with posing, location, expressions and such puts people at ease and helps them trust you even more. Dropping “seeds” along the way about eventual purchase ideas during a session helps with the final decisions. During the portrait session, getting super excited when everything comes together (location, lighting, expression and posing) and hinting that this set up will make a great wall portrait is one of my tools for sales success.

Of course,  the sales room is where the magic happens. How you structure your presentation is most important to making amazing multiple wall portrait and album sales for thousands of dollars, and a big hug at the end because they are so happy. Just don’t underestimate the value of building their purchase one step at a time. I will share more about this process in another blog post….or you can contact me directly for more on this.

I recommend using an excellent quality projector and screen, even if you are selling in their home.  And after over 30 years, I have created my system to lead clients easily to towards an order that frequently includes several wall portraits and a high quality album. This is where the trusted advisor role is most important. When you create a wonderful experience for your clients from the first contact, they will relax and trust you to help them design the art that they will love for lifetimes.

This system is the core of my Insight Training Program. When photographers work with me directly I give them the roadmap and guidance along the way to build and maintain a profitable photography business that is super fun and blesses their clients.

I would love to connect with you about my private and group coaching programs, or anything else you would like to share.

Happy Summer! Luci

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