188: Michael T. Davis – Creating Story-Telling Wedding Albums

Jan 18, 2023

This episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast is all about love stories! Our guest is here to tell us how we can enhance our hearts to increase sales.

Joining Luci on the show is Michael T Davis, a wedding photographer and storyteller who focuses on preserving his client’s love stories through albums and prints. Michael has been a professional wedding photographer since 2011 and shares his expertise as a coach to other photographers. He loves coaching on how to build albums that sell.

188: Michael T. Davis - Creating Story Telling Wedding Albums

Michael says selling is all about focusing on the client’s story and designing the album in a way that evokes an emotional experience. 

To sell more:

  • Focus on a great story rather than great images
  • Build albums with intention and strategy
  • Become a great listener..Listen to your clients before, during, and after their wedding day

We are so excited to have Michael here and we hope you enjoy this episode! Listen now. 

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