185: Amina Mohamed – Cameras for Girls Program and the Joy of Volunteering

Dec 27, 2022

Is it time for you to give back? Is your heart calling you to use your talents to help others?

Our guest, Amina Mohamed, is here to talk about her non-profit called “Cameras for Girls” and her efforts to bring the art of photography and photojournalism to young women across Africa who likely would not otherwise have had the opportunity to explore it. 

185 - Amina Mohamed - Cameras for Girls Program and the Joy of Volunteering - Luci Dumas

In 2018, she started an initiative with a mission to teach photography and business skills to marginalized females across Africa who endeavor to become journalists. She gives each of them a camera and has taught 47 young women in Uganda and 10 women online in South Africa– 65% now have full-time jobs. Truly amazing.

In addition to her volunteer efforts, Amina has spent fifteen years exploring her passion for photography while working in film and television as a producer and production manager on numerous movies and documentaries. 

Amina is here today to speak to all photographers about how to proceed when you are called to give back and make the world a better place using your photography. 

Here are some of her tips for getting started: 

  • Figure out what you are talented at
  • And which segment of society you want to help
  • Don’t worry about registering for any “official” programs
  • Look for places to volunteer (but be careful about “voluntourism”)

Listen now to hear Amina’s amazing story and find out more about tapping into your inner volunteer!

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