178: Ben Tyndell – The Value of Luxury Packaging

Nov 8, 2022

What are YOU doing to position yourself as a luxury photography service? 

Today’s episode of The Profitable Photographer is all about upping your business game by enhancing the presentation of your photo products.

Our guest is Ben Tyndell, Owner and Operator of Tyndell Photographic, a full-service photo-packaging supply company and manufacturer of high-quality, custom-branded photo packaging products. Since 1978, this family-owned company has been making photography businesses look lavish!

178: Ben Tyndell - The Value of Luxury Packaging

Imagine sharing your client’s purchases in beautiful fabric bags, folders, boxes and more…Talk about a high-end experience! Ben is here to tell us how investing in packaging can enhance your business and client experience.

I have personally been using his family’s services for years, presenting my photos in a beautiful, customized bag instead of the shipping boxes, and boy, does it make a difference! 

He’s talkin’:

  • Which packaging has the most value
  • How to appeal to clients visually 
  • Why spending more money is worth it in the long run

Learn how to provide a luxury experience and listen to the episode now!

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