176: Arthur Rainville – Creative Inspiration and Your “Why” for Photographers

Oct 25, 2022

Now to introduce someone very special to The Profitable Photographer! AND HE JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE COMING TO CALIFORNIA IN NOVEMBER!!  Check out the details for registering for his workshops at the bottom of these show notes!

Once upon a time, our host Luci spent a week with our guest at a time when she was lacking vision and motivation. It changed her life to see his passion for helping his students become more inspired, more creative, and more in love with life. 

When he lectures, there isn’t a dry eye in the house–THAT is how INSPIRATIONAL our guest, Arthur Levi Rainville, is to the photography community!

176: Arthur Rainville - Creative Inspiration and Your "Why" for Photographers

Arthur is an award-winning Master Photographer who has been creating stunning photographs wrapped in intrigue, atmosphere and romanticism for over 50 years. 

With his life’s work displayed in museums on three continents, he has been touted as, “the Poet Lauréate of Photography, one of the most sensitive artists of our time.” A true artiste. 

Aligning with our values of mentorship here at The Profitable Photographer, Arthur has taught portraiture professionally for 50 years, inspiring image-makers to look inward to “Art and Heart” as they face their blank canvas. And THAT is what he’s here to chat with us about today–how to look inward for inspiration!

Here’s just a taste of his tips on getting inspired:

  1. Make meaningful  and caring connections
  2. Get still
  3. Be in the moment
  5. Look out for his upcoming book KenZen – the Art of Reflective Creating


Register for his workshops here:

Nov. 8 in California’s Wine Country


Contact: Karna Roa 707-328-4905

Nov. 10 in Orange County


Contact: Duane Murphy 714-863-2126

If there is anything we learned from Arthur (and we learned a lot!) it’s that success in your business comes from a foundation of personal fulfillment. 

So grab your headphones and GET INSPIRED by this episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast!

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