167: George Allen and Luci Honor Past Mentors and Share Stories and What They Learned

Aug 23, 2022

“I have maintained self-employment and a studio for 40+ years and I always seek opportunities that will improve my craft. Mentoring in my life has been priceless.”

‘Tis better to give than to receive on this episode of The Profitable Photographer Episode!

Yup! Today my guest George Allan and I discuss the many teachers and mentors we learned from as we were building our photography skills and businesses over 40 years. We share many of the key lessons from several beloved and brilliant photographers no longer with us, like Monte Zucker, Don Blair, and Mr. Phillip Charis. (If you knew Charis you would understand why we still call him MR).

167: George Allen and Luci Honor Past Mentors and Share Stories and What They Learned

This is a super fun episode I know you will love! These are people I so wish I could interview now so at least we can pass some of their tips on today.

George has been at the photography game since he was 19, opening his first studio in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Since then, he has photographed over 2,000 weddings in 28 years! Wowza! 

George has been fortunate to work under and beside many great mentors over his photography career including one that told him: “Work harder on yourself than you do your business.” This advice has become a pillar in his life and business bringing him to value self-improvement and to become a mentor himself. 

George also shares:

  • How to build positive rapport with clients
  • Harnessing total comfort and control in a shoot
  • Allowing your soul to create

Learn from the past, enjoy great stories and be sure to keep learning from those of us still here to support your growth! 

And don’t hesitate to connect with George! After all, he would love to pass on some wisdom at:

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