126: Aaron Hockley- Artificial Intelligence is a Photographer’s Friend

Oct 26, 2021

Aaron Hockly says A.I. is a photographer’s friend. I was unsure about what he meant, but after our conversation, I gotta admit, I think he’s right. Aaron talks about all the ways that artificial intelligence has improved our cameras. He also points out how much it has improved the editing process. Because time is money, and the faster we are at editing the more profitable we become.

He is passionate about the intersection of photography and technology.

Aaron Hockley is a photographer, author, and speaker who merges his expertise in photography and technology to help others find success. He’s a PPA Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman and has represented Team USA in the World Photographic Cup. He writes and speaks about technical aspects of photography, photo businesses, and the industry as a whole and has spoken to audiences of photographers, marketers, and media professionals on stages of all sizes nationwide.
Aaron’s recent ventures have focused on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting how photographers capture, edit, and manage their images with an eye toward the shifting future of the industry.

You won’t want to miss
-What Aaron would tell his younger self.
-Luci’s lighting issues at a wedding in Hawaii.
-Why Aaron suggests wading into technology instead of jumping into the deep end.
-The reason Aaron says our jobs as photographers won’t be replaced by A.I.

Aaron makes some great points about how tech has the power to make us more profitable. Be sure to check out what he has to say.

Connect With Aaron
Instagram: @techphotoguy
Twitter: @ahockley
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/ahockle
Email: aaron@hey.com
Website: techphotoguy.com