120: Amy Fraughton-Using “Google My Business” And Being Seen In Multiple Ways

Amy Fraughton started her photography business in all the wrong ways 11 years ago, and quickly learned some hard lessons such as charging my worth and developing a higher end business.

When she found that many other photographers were having some of the same issues Amy ran into, she started Photo Business Tools to help them.

She also a certified Life Coach and spend a great deal of time helping my photographers get past their limiting beliefs and into truer, more successful versions of themselves.

-Clients are right out our front door

-Big Picture…Get exposure…don’t hide under a rock

       put your eggs in a lot of different basket
       Get your google my business in order
       Lead magnets
       Facebook Ads and
       local marketing

Google My Business is great…people going there are ready to buy
-it is different than regular google

  • Secret algorithm
  • Get reviews
  • Posting in GMB
  • Register a local address
  • They send a postcard to confirm
  • You can post regularly
  • Get your reviews sent there

Life coach…limiting beliefs…they lack motivation…motivation comes from how
You feel…how you think about yourself…then they make it mean something about

Come from a place of excitement…
Everyone will always be growing. You are awesome. Have grace and compassion
It is totally normal
It is a habit of your brain
What is true…
Self judgement or comparing to other people
GRACE and Compassion

Start believing in yourself and remember how awesome you are

Free master class at http://www.photobusinesstools.com

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