113: Luci Dumas-Organize Your Way!

Jul 20, 2021

Let’s face it… in order to have a successful business, making money, making our clients happy, and enjoying life we need to do a lot of stuff. All of it is important. If we take amazing photographs but take a year or never deliver what we promised to the clients, we are not doing our job…right?

We need to have a set of steps….a way of following this….time management habit…work habits…systems

This solo episode with Luci explores different ways to get things done, talks about workflow, and how different learning and processing styles will need different structures.

I share about
-time management and the “units” way to organize your time
-options to keep track of your production
-the Cake and Cringe Pyramid to discover what you need help with

One size does not fit all and learning what fits you can help you have an even more successful and satisfying business.