103: Bodhi Smith-Selling Spectacular Nature Photography

May 11, 2021

Bodhi Smith is an award winning fine-art landscape photographer, a digital photography instructor, and an international tour guide. Until 2011, Bodhi was an avid and successful backcountry skier/splitboarder with weekly adventures into the North American Alpine wildernesses. Since 2011, he has taken that kind of professional skill, passion, knowledge of weather, and obsessions of natural beauty and has translated it into building an impressive body of photographic artwork that is enjoyed by thousands of viewers on a daily basis.

He specializes in incredible night time photography and ultra-long exposures that often appear surreal or dreamlike. AND he makes a living selling his work as art for people’s homes and businesses, as well as teaching and inspiring other photographers

Our discussion is full of stories from someone that dedicates his life to finding and creating breath taking images and finding people that want to buy them, hire him as a guide, and teach them his particular photographic “magic”. He also share practical tips on how to sell your work.

If you mention this podcast you can get 33% off any of my prints, books, or services offered on his website. He would love to connect with you