099: Mitche Graf- 6 Star Service

Mitche Graf is a daddy of 3, best-selling author of 9 books, a serial entrepreneur, international-renowned business speaker, nationally-syndicated radio show host and former All American Track & Field athlete. For over 25 years, he has dangled his toes into the ponds of many intriguing industries along the way. From selling used bicycle parts out of his garage in the seventh grade to running four companies today, he has prided himself on knowing how to squeeze every drop of potential out of his endeavors.

His high-voltage seminars and workshops have been delivered around the world and his cutting-edge articles have appeared in the pages of business trade magazines such as Rangefinder, PPA Magazine, Limo Digest, Chauffer Driven, Image Maker, and Fresh Cup.

Our conversation centers around the power of what he calls “6 Star Service”… going well beyond what is expected from any business that wants to be successful. In his newest book, “Customer Service is Dead…Delivering 6 star service in a one star world” he covers 6 important aspect of this topic and he share those in the interview such as…
-Treating your client like gold
-Correcting mistakes quickly and effectively
-Exceeding expectations.

His parting tip is to ask yourself everyday -What can I do today to make my client’s lives a little bit better? This is an action packed conversation you will be able to use in your photography business right away.

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