097: Luci Dumas- Luxury

Mar 30, 2021


My thoughts on luxury and why creating a high involvement, high quality experience for clients gives you a competitive edge over other photography businesses are the topic of today’s solo episode.

I share a definition and WHY we humans will invest well on more than necessities in life, REASONS it is a valuable goal to set as photographers, HOW to create a luxury business that makes clients feel special and happy to hire us at prices that are well above the average, and some of the ways we can COMMUNICATE guality and value.

I share ideas on the value of

  • effective branding both in design and structure of our photography business
  • quality products
  • artistic/high taste lever designs of our photographs and products
  • simplicity and specializing
  • and most important of all, personalized service with a caring, involved relationship with the customer

I hope this gives you some things to ponder and ideas to create an even more luxury experience for your clients. Remember…there is always room a the top.