088: Hart Tan- Seven Figure Singapore Photographer

Jan 26, 2021

Hey fans of The Profitable Photographer Podcast, be sure to listen to Singapore photographer, Hart Tan, who runs a high volume, 7 figure business he started 12 years ago.

He is an award-winning Master Photographer, entrepreneur, and owner of one of the largest photography studios in Singapore called Tomato. He shares his wisdom and his recommendation that we rely not just on what we can learn but what we can discover within ourselves about how to be more successful, happier, and creating the career the way that works for you.

I love our conversations and his thoughts on the following topics
– Know that building a business is like building a house…start with the foundation. This can create a lot of freedom.
– Always be curious about what works and what doesn’t.
– Test and measure everything you do to market
– Take personal responsibility, creative thinking, and problem-solving-
– Remember that piece of advice can be a bad fit for you. Trust your inner guidance.
– Have a system

To connect with Hart

Watch his video on how much to charge
Send me a text on WhatsApp
Website: www.tomato.sg