063: Luci Dumas- Value of Contests and Competitions

Aug 4, 2020

In this solo episode, Luci Dumas talks about the value of entering contests, getting critiques your work and setting goals. She shares the many many benefits gained by taking the time, and the emotional risk, to enter local, state, and national contests and competitions.

Benefits include

  • growing through learning what works and doesn’t work in our photography
  • taking time to look at our photography and search for the best. This gives us a curated body of work to use for promotions, samples, and other contests. This also helps us see where we can do better and discover our voice and style.
  • achieving recognition which is a big plus in our business…i.e…bragging rights. Being an award winning photographer, even if it is just a small competition, looks great on our bios.
  • setting goals like earning PPA Master and Craftsmen Degrees and be motivated by this goal to enter consistently
  • a lot of personal education on our work.
  • an ever more refined eye for details and what makes a photograph “art” beyond the “nice photo” category

Luci also discusses what a PPA Master and Craftsmen Degree is and how to achieve this accomplishment. Why it has value, both from striving to earn the merits needed and the benefit of having this title added to our bio, is also discussed. If you have goal to speak, or mentor, it is a big plus in the industry. Again, it looks good on the resume to clients as well.

In other words…she encourages you to get your work seen, set goals for yourself, learn to take criticism well and grow from it, and you will grow in so many ways.

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